Heartbreak Poem

Anger Poem From Suffering Through Lies Heartache And Betrayal

I write as a form of escape. My deepest feelings come out when my emotions are at a high. This poem describes marriage problems. When you have someone you love so much and have to suffer through the lies, heartache, and betrayal, you feel so low. You no longer feel alive. That's where I was when I wrote this.

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016 with permission of the author.

Overcoming the heartache you caused me,
Trying to rebuild my esteem,
Convincing myself I am truly enough,
Questioning why you were always so mean.

It all started as a fairytale.
You were everything I was looking for,
But that gentleman set sail,
And the real you walked through the door.

It started with the small things,
You'd say things "you didn't mean."
They became bigger and bigger,
Turning into a nightmare, it seemed.

"Who is that girl?" and "Why didn't you answer?"
Became our normal discussions.
You acted like it was no big deal,
Like there wouldn't be any repercussions.

Year after year you've changed me.
I've changed into something so cold.
I am so far from who I once was.
I am now weak and no longer bold.

You've played enough mind games
To make me feel no good.
"Who wants someone like me?"
All I know is motherhood.

Wonderful life, huge house, nice cars,
On the outside we look the perfect pair,
But no one sees what my life truly holds,
Pain, heartache, and despair.

Maybe one day I'll be able to escape,
Start over somewhere new,
But I'll never forget the impact you had on me.
I'll forever believe love is untrue.


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