Animal Poem for Kids

The Excitement Of A Child Getting A Pet

This is a poem about a child who has a great imagination when it comes to picking out their first pet.

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My First Pet

© more by Kevin T. Pearson

Published: March 2018

My mommy said today
That I could get a pet one day.
I gave her a kiss
Then started making my list.

Maybe I could get a giraffe.
It would be so fun to give him a bath.
What about a rhinoceros? I thought.
I am sure that it must eat a lot.

I could get a monkey.
Together we could swing from tree to tree.
I know, I could get an armadillo.
She could sleep under my pillow.

How about a kangaroo?
But only if she has room for two.
I'm sure I don't want a porcupine.
I would be saying "ouch" all the time.

It would be fun to have a horse.
He would have to live outside, of course.
Okay, maybe a hippopotamus.
It will probably eat as much as the rhinoceros.

An elephant would be fun as can be
If he doesn't sit on me.
I could get along with a pig just fine,
Rolling in mud all the time.

I gave my mom my list.
She bent down and gave me a kiss,
Put her hand to her heart,
And said a fish would be a good start.


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