Poem for Kids

A Child's Imagination And Monsters

Poem of a child who is afraid of monsters. We have been there. Don't look under the bed.

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No Monsters Allowed

Kevin T. Pearson © more by Kevin T. Pearson

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019 with permission of the Author.

I told my mom there is a monster under my bed,
and she tells me it's all in my head.
What about the one coming through my wall?
Or the one I hear stomping down the hall?

She says monsters are not real.
I'm not sure how about this I feel.
She tells me to be afraid of strangers,
but she seems to think monsters pose no danger.

She tells me monsters are make-believe.
Oh, on this we do not agree.
When I open my eyes in the dark,
I can hear the beat of my own heart.

Listening for a monster's growl
or a werewolf's howl.
The scraping of a claw
from behind my wall.

I hide under my sheets
hoping he can't see my feet.
Any second he could pounce.
Out of my bed I will bounce.

I'm ready to run for the door,
making sure my feet never touch the floor.
All the while screaming so loud
it would make any scared kid proud.

I am sure when my mom turns on the light
she will not find a monster tonight.
She will look under my bed
and tell me again it is all in my head.

She still thinks monsters are make-believe.
I wish it would just leave.
How about just for tonight
we leave on all the lights.


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