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Conquering A Fear Of The Night

My name is Ciaran Short. I am 21 years old and a rising senior in college in Oregon, currently majoring in English. I was born and raised in New York City on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my older brother. Our bedroom window opened to a dimly lit alleyway, which produced a constant stream of mysterious sounds. As children, my older brother would often exploit the noise at night to scare me. The poem below details one of those nights.

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Something's In The Closet


Published: June 2019

My closet is booming, something's not right.
The moon is looming, shining real bright.
Shadows dance across the bedroom floor,
Slowly creeping towards my closet door.
My palms are sweaty, gripping the sheets.
My heart is too heavy; I can't fall asleep.
I shut my eyes, then open them brave.
There are toys in the closet I must hurry to save!
Barbie and Ken, Rick and Morty and friends,
I promise we will be united by the night's end.
I muster up courage, emerge from under the covers,
Then pop! Out of the closet jumps my older brother.


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