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My Valentine Song


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2006 with permission of the Author.

All the cards that were written on the shelf
Can't tell you how I feel.
And this love that I have in my heart,
No one could ever steal.
To put my feelings into words
Would be so hard to do,
But the three words that I'll always say
Will be I Love You.

You will always be my valentine,
My love and my sweetheart,
And for you I'll give you everything,
Especially my heart.
And I will always let you know
Just what you mean to me.
In my heart my valentine
Is what you'll always be.

Every day I thank the Lord above
For blessing me with you,
And there isn't anything you would say
That I wouldn't do.
This love that I have for you in my heart
Will never go away,
So I'll just keep on loving you
Every single day.

(Repeat Chorus)


The candy will soon disappear,
And the flowers will die away,
But the love that I have for you in me -
That will always stay.


So here's to you, my valentine,
My love and my sweetheart.
You will always be on my mind,
Even when we're far apart,
And I'll just keep on telling you
Just what you mean to me,
Because in my heart, my valentine,
Is where you'll always be.
Close, yes in my heart, my valentine, is what you'll always be.
Speak: Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart.

'Salvatore DePrima


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