Husband Poems

Husband Poems

Eternal Love: A Collection of Romantic Love Poems for Husbands

In today's world, where the roles of men and women are changing so rapidly it may be difficult for a husband to figure out his role. A man can no longer expect to be the breadwinner, and come home to a set table with a five course dinner and his pipe prepared next to his easy chair. It has now become standard for a woman to have her own career and for her husband to share in childcare and housekeeping duties. At the same time he is still a husband to a woman who may expect him to be ideal example of masculinity and machismo. Balancing what is new and what might always stay the same is a difficult task for a husband.

27 Romantic Poems for Husbands

  1. 1. Will You Ever Understand?

    • By Toni
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    When you love someone so deeply...

    I don't think you will
    ever fully understand
    how you've touched my life
    and made me who I am.

    I don't think you could ever know
    just how truly special you are,
    that even on the darkest nights
    you are my brightest star.

    I don't think you will ever fully comprehend
    how you've made my dreams come true
    or how you've opened my heart
    to love and the wonders it can do.

    You've allowed me to experience
    something very hard to find:
    unconditional love that exists
    in my body, soul, and mind.

    I don't think you could ever feel
    all the love I have to give,
    and I'm sure you'll never realize
    you've been my will to live.

    You are an amazing person,
    and without you I don't know where I'd be.
    Having you in my life
    completes and fulfills every part of me.

    Poem About Your Life Being Touched By Someone, Will You Ever Understand?

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    Hello Eden, I just read what you wrote and can somehow understand your pain. I lost my dad as well after the birth of my first child. When my child entered the early years of kindergarten is...

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  3. 2. Love So Amazing

    I am a romantic at heart. My friend became my lover! We share a love that is so amazing and so deep that just the thought of my husband, his smile, his walk, the way he looks at me, makes me fall in love with him all over again!

    My love for you is like the raging sea,
    So powerful and deep it will forever be.
    Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
    It will withstand every pain.
    Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.
    I love you more with every heartbeat!

    Short Romantic Love Poem, Love So Amazing

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    This poem touched me because it reminds me of my boyfriend. We can't be together but we still climb mountains and swim the deepest oceans to be together because we love each other .

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  5. 3. I Promise

    A wedding vow poem of promises with both traditional and other loving promises.

    I promise to be true to you tomorrow and today.
    I promise I will love you. My love will never fade.
    I promise to be there for you in good times and in bad.
    I promise I will wear your ring and always hold your hand.

    I promise I will care for you in sickness and in health.
    I promise to be there for you if we are poor or have wealth.
    I promise to be strong for you, for better or for worse.
    I promise I will comfort you when you need me the most.

    I promise I will stand by you each and every day.
    I promise I will cherish you in very gentle ways.
    I promise to be patient, truthful, and kind.
    I promise I will walk with you until the end of time.

    I promise to be faithful and a loving devoted spouse.
    I promise that our home will be more than just a house.
    I promise that our wedding life will be united in God's love.
    I promise that our children will be blessings from above.

    I promise I will walk with you in laughter and in tears.
    I promise I will stay with you when there are doubts and fears.
    I promise to commit to you in body and in heart.
    I promise my whole life to you; until death do us part.

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  6. 4. Love Is Patient

    • By Haileigh B. Johnston
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2020

    When you suffer from depression and anxiety, it makes life hard and love even harder. Your life is a mess and you can barely deal with it. You don't think you'll ever find true love. Then suddenly you do. This poem is relating to how you know you have "the one."

    You tell me every day
    How much I mean to you.
    Now it's time for me to say
    What I know is absolutely true.

    I know how much you love me
    And just how much you care.
    You don't always have to say it
    Because you do just by being there.

    I know you really worry
    Every time my mood seems to change.
    I want you and only you,
    No matter how often I act strange.

    I may not have life figured out,
    But trust me, that's okay.
    Because with you, no matter what,
    I have the strength to make it through each day.

    You love me on my bad days
    More than you do the good ones.
    You love me more when you've had enough
    And think that you should run.

    You always know when to hold me down
    But never hold me back.
    I know I fail at tasks a lot,
    But you always pick up the slack.

    Don't ever doubt yourself
    On if what you're doing is right.
    Just know that I am so thankful
    To have a man like you in my life.

    I know I'm not always the best
    When it comes to getting things done,
    But that is why I have you
    And how I know you are the one.

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  7. 5. Till My Last Breath

    I wrote this poem to express my love for my life partner.

    I cannot promise                       
    you that there will be no sad moments in your life,

    But I promise                    
    to wipe away your tears till my last breath.

    I cannot promise                           
    you that life will be easy and trouble-free,

    But I promise                     
    to walk with you till my last breath.

    I cannot promise                               
    you that there will be no betrayals in life,

    But I promise                    
    to remain by your side till my last breath.

    I cannot promise
    you that life will be cheerful and pleasant,

    But I promise                      
    to help you smile till my last breath.

    I cannot promise                            
    you that there will be no setbacks in life,

    But I promise                   
    to help you face those challenges till my last breath.

    I cannot promise   
    you that life will be comfortable and secure,

    But I promise
    to make you feel safe till my last breath.
    I cannot promise                           
    you that there will be no obstacles and hurdles in life,

    But I promise                    
    to hold your hand through difficulties till my last breath.

    I cannot promise 
    you to love forever,

    But I promise                       
    to love you till my last breath.

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    This poem is so lovely, simple, truthful, and sweet. What a perfect poem to read as part of your marriage vows. If I ever do get married (at 68, probably never), but if I did, I would ask...

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  8. 6. A Wife's Desire

    • By Marybeth Rausch
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

    This poem was written when my husband and I had a lot of stress in our marriage, between kids and everyday life. I wanted to express to him how much I needed and wanted him. This poem was written to give him an idea of how much he inspires me every day and how important our life together is to me.

    I want to be your motivation, inspiration, and everything in between.
    I want to be the reason for your smile, the one who turns your frown upside down.
    I want to be the one you look up to and admire and the one you desire.
    The voice in your heart, not your ear, telling you everything that you need, not want to hear.
    I want to mean enough to you to be your solution to all life's ups and downs.
    I want you to need me every morning when you wake up, during the day when you have had enough.
    I want to feel your excitement to kiss me good night after your day has been so rough.
    I need and want all these things from you because you're the only one who gets me through.
    I love you more and more each day, it's true.
    You have blessed me with a beautiful life, made together by both of us.
    I need all these things from you because my most treasured title is your wife.

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    Thank you for sharing your story through your poem. My husband is about to go into the hospital for a major operation and will be there for two weeks, which will be hard for us both to be...

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  9. 7. My Blessing In Life

    • By Jessica L. Newsome
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    As a woman gazes at her husband sleeping, she is filled with love and tenderness for the life they share.

    Every morning I wake up and see
    The most handsome man lying next to me.
    He's the one I cherish and love,
    A blessing sent from Heaven above.
    I will love him as a faithful wife should
    And do everything for him I could.
    I would let him know every day
    That I love him more than words can say.
    For the two children we have together
    And the love for God in each other,
    It will keep our love for each other strong,
    And the Lord will guide us away from all wrong.

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    Married thirty seven years, and it still feels like yesterday. Communication is the road to success. Best wishes to all. Belfast xxx

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  10. 8. My Love

    • By Kayle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2015

    My husband and I met at my high school homecoming dance. He was the DJ that night. I stayed with him the whole time of the dance. Then we went our separate ways. Little did I know that for 3 years from that night he was searching for me. Then one day 3 years after the dance, I went to a friend's party, and to my surprise, he was there! We have not been apart since. I love him with all my heart, and even after 14 years of marriage, he is still my one and only love.

    My love and I
    Met years ago.
    When we first met
    We loved each other so.
    We hold each other in our hearts,
    Which surely means
    We will never part.
    We vowed our love
    To one another,
    Promising to each
    There will be no other.
    We both have had
    Broken hearts in the past,
    But now we both know
    This true love will last.
    Thanks to the Lord above,
    Who made it possible
    To find our true love.
    I am now a free-flying dove
    Because of my husband, my life, MY LOVE...

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  11. 9. You And I

    I wrote this poem for my spouse on our wedding anniversary.

    You and I have made a life together
    You and I complement each other

    You and I are best of friends
    You and I, our friendship will never end

    You and I share a sacred bond
    You and I, our love is forever and beyond

    You and I know how to adjust
    You and I have immense mutual trust

    You and I are quick to forgive
    You and I know this is the way to live

    You and I know we aren't perfect
    Yet you and I show each other respect

    You and I, so faithful and true
    You adore me and I adore you too

    So on our anniversary, on our special date
    We thank the Almighty, we thank our fate

    For bringing us together, for this wonderful life,
    For all the beautiful memories as husband and wife.

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  12. 10. An Ol' Cowboy

    • By Lovie M. Haskell
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2018

    I have lived your average life being married, having two children, being divorced, and giving up on love. Then one day, I met an ol' cowboy, and my life will never be the same. I always heard people say, "Being a cowboy is a way of life!" However, it wasn't until meeting a real cowboy, listening to his stories, watching him live his life by a different set of morals than the rest of the world and falling in love, that I understood. One month from today I will become his wife. He is my inspiration.

    His boots may be dusty
    From sitting by the door,
    And his saddle a little weathered;
    It doesn't get oiled anymore.

    His hat has become misshapen
    From hanging on the wall,
    And his lariat is a little stiff;
    It isn't used much at all.

    His hair has started graying
    From "experience" he has said,
    And his body a little sorer;
    It's the COWBOY life he's led.

    His words may seem harsh
    From the truth that he speaks,
    And his morals a little different;
    It's a promise to himself that he keeps.

    His heart a bit more cautious
    From the hurt its felt and more.
    And his love, if you should earn it. . .
    It's a little better than any love
    You have known before.

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  13. 11. Marry Me Again?

    • By Michelle Gauci
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    This poem I wrote for my husband's 33rd birthday. We are approaching our 10th wedding anniversary, and I wanted to express the depth of my love for him. I read this to him in front of our 9-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. No one had any idea I was going to do this. It was a truly magical moment where we all cried tears of happiness. We are now planning to renew our vows come this October. I hope this poem inspires people of how the greatest gift of all is love.

    I've spent the day thinking,
    wondering if it's real.
    There has to be a special way
    to show you how I feel.
    Your presence makes me tremble.
    Your eyes alight with love.
    If there is a place called heaven,
    you were sent from up above.
    I think of all the memories,
    the times we spent together.
    The one thing that I'll always
    know is we will be forever.
    I think back to the day
    of when we said "I Do"
    and you softly whispered in my ear
    the words, "I love you."
    I felt true love that day
    and feel it more and more.
    We have created something magic
    in our family of four.
    You have been in my thoughts all day
    long, and then it dawned on me.
    My love for you is so strong.
    I want the world to see.
    I want to take you in my arms
    and dance under the rain.
    So will you do me the honor
    of marrying me again?

    Happy birthday.
    I will always love you.

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    I was very touched by this poem, and I couldn't believe what I read when I read it! I've been with my husband for 16 years and married 10 years. The name they used in this poem is also my...

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  14. 12. If I Forget To Tell You

    I wrote this poem for my husband, telling him a lot of the different things I was thankful for and all kinds of sentiments he shares with me. I never want his compassionate ways to go unnoticed.

    If I forget to tell you, I had a wonderful time
    For all the todays and tomorrows
    And for the years we left behind.
    If I forget to tell you, I love your calm
    And gentle ways and how you never
    Lose your cool, even on our troubled days.
    And you tell me that you care for me more
    Than you can ever say, and you love me more
    Than anyone can on any given day.
    And what about the silly things we laugh at
    In the night, and how you always try your best
    To make things work out right.
    And you give me all I ever need, and you give
    Me so much more, especially love from inside
    Your heart that I fondly hold in store.
    You shower me with treasures, the ones that
    Money can't buy, and there are many times
    You've protected me while walking by my side.
    And how about the memories through these
    Years we've shared and the blessings you bestow
    Upon me; nothing can compare.
    So to you these words I've written from my heart
    Are true; someday I'll write a few more lines and
    Add a page or two
    Just in case I forget to tell you.

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    I am so thankful to my husband for loving me unconditionally and sincerely.

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  15. 13. Satisfied

    • By Dina Johnson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    Written for my husband shortly after we were married. I was a divorced mother with two small children when he came into my life. My children and I had been struggling hard; my husband erased that struggle. He adopted my children, and after 23 years of marriage, two grandchildren, and one on the way, he is still my rock and friend.

    When you make love to me everything seems right,
    You seem to take my hand and guide me through the night.
    You reach to take my fears and throw them to the past,
    You penetrate my soul in hopes to make it last.

    And you standing with me, never shall I be afraid.
    My inner core you've touched, my sanity you've saved.
    But if you feel you can't be strong in all my times of need,
    You've given me a strength, somehow I'll take the lead.

    Never understanding, accepting what time may give
    We'll learn and grow together,
    Cherishing each moment that we live.

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    My fiance came into my life when God saw fit and I realized very soon he is the man I prayed for. He isn't perfect. Yes, he makes mistakes, but he's more a solution than he is a problem, and...

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  16. 14. For My Husband

    • By Lisa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011

    I have been through a difficult time recently, and my husband has been there every step of the way, and now I have noticed how special he actually is, which inspired me to write this poem.

    You are my first thought in the morning,
    My last thought at night.
    For you, I have always been longing.
    You bring me so much delight.
    You have changed my life so much.
    You have a special kiss
    And a special touch.
    Forever we will be like this.
    We met over 8 years ago,
    A brilliant 8 years it has been.
    Oh...where does the time go?
    There was such a big space in between,
    But we came through it.
    Although it always seemed mean,
    It was well worth it.
    Being able to get a cuddle from you
    Makes me so happy and feel wanted.
    Everything you do,
    Some I may take for granted,
    But nothing can be stronger than my love for you.
    What we have is bliss.
    Even though we have ups and downs,
    Nothing can come between this.
    We have our smiles and our frowns,
    But when we kiss and cuddle
    All the frowns seem to drown.

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    My fiance came into my life and stole my soul, and I thank God every day for this man that I prayed for.

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  17. 15. My One And Only Love

    To my husband, from my heart to yours.

    The sound of YOUR voice is like...
    A whisper to my ears,
    Pure and pleasant to hear!
    The sparkle of YOUR eyes...
    Are as glitter
    Enlightening me - showing me
    The smell of YOUR body...
    Excites and makes me hunger and
    Thirst for thee!
    YOUR lips...
    Taste as sweet as honey,
    Touching my very soul!
    YOUR touch...
    Hot as a burning flame,
    Seeking to devour me!

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  18. 16. Man Of The Year

    • By Aimee Rice
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010

    I wrote this poem for my husband because he is the best husband and father in the world. He is dedicated to his family and works hard for us. He shows his love and support to us each and every day; he also makes himself readily available to us.

    James Anthony Rice, this one is dedicated to you! I love you, honey!

    You've been in our lives for so many seasons.
    I'm pouring my heart out for that very reason.
    I've given you life, my husband and friend.
    Our love affair shall never end,
    And though our love has been through the fire,
    You and only you are my true heart's desire.
    I pray for the man that is paving the way
    For our children each and every day.
    A man who is...
    A man who is...
    It's no wonder why God's on your side.
    He gave you the strength to father a child,
    And even when we don't know what to say,
    Your wisdom consistently saves the day.
    I opened my heart to you, simply to say...


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    I gave this poem to my dad on fathers day and he had tears in eyes because that is how sweet this poem is

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  19. 17. My Love

    This is my first attempt to pen an acrostic poem. It is written for the love of my life.

    My heart doesn't belong to me.
    You have its only access key.

    Life is meaningful because of you.
    Our bonding is priceless, always new;
    Valuable you are, indeed precious.
    Eternity is what I wish for us.

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  20. 18. I Have Spent A Lifetime

    • By Najoya Stewart-Leslie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2013

    I wrote this for my husband. We were childhood sweethearts who lost touch and found each other again after several years apart.

    I have spent a lifetime loving you
    the way you smile
    the way you talk
    the way you walk
    the way you are
    I have spent a lifetime loving you
    through the years and the changes
    through the ups and through the downs
    our souls have mated
    from childhood until now
    this place in time
    our paths intertwined
    our destinies forever crossed
    I have spent a lifetime loving you

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  21. 19. The Love Of My Life

    Lisa Roberts currently lives in Corona, California. She was born in Easton, Maryland, adopted at 3 days old, and moved to California at 3-years-old. She resides with her husband and 4 wonderful children. Lisa met her biological family in 2003. She has two full blooded biological twin sisters, a half-sister, and half-brother on her biological mom's side and a half-sister on her biological dad's side. Lisa has an adopted sister and brother, and her family has grown immensely in the past 10 years.

    Without you, my dear
    I would not be here
    I would not be the person I am today
    You support me and you love me...

    I feel so unworthy,
    So unlovable because of my past
    But toward me you don't turn your back
    That's what makes me stronger
    To know your love gives me strength.

    To feel it, to see it still, after being tested all the time
    I'm really glad you are mine!
    The persistence you have gives me my answer.
    You love me like nobody else can.

    Unfaltering love
    That is what I have prayed for from above
    You are my saving grace
    Without you, I would be out of place.

    Not in the place I am supposed to be
    The place where I belong:
    Next to you forever,
    And really that's not so long.
    I love you with all my heart.
    I am so glad you put me in your cart!

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    I met my husband deep in my addiction and never knew that someone could love me the way he does because of my past. Now we've been in love for 3 years. He treats my two oldest, 14-year-old...

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  22. 20. Contentment

    • By Sherri Wipperman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2012

    I wrote this poem for my second husband. I found that in my past relationship, my ex-husband was never content...with anything. My husband now makes me feel cherished, prized and that he treasures me as I do him...this is what I know. I hope you find this as well.

    Since the day I met you, I have found
    This feeling that abides within.
    A constant that inhabits my heart,
    A knowing that lingers,
    A sense that has been.

    When I awake, it rises with me like the sun.
    When I lie down, it embraces me like a blanket of warmth.
    When I am emotionally entangled, it centers my core.
    When I am soaring above the clouds, it is my wind.
    A constant, a knowing,
    I reside upon this hearth.

    So you ask, "My love, what can this be..."
    "What is this knowing that has so captured thee?"
    Indeed, my response would be to you alone.
    None other would hear these words that I have now sown...

    Gratification of perfected contentment would be my simple reply.
    It is a peace that surpasses the security of a fortress,
    A knowing that your heart is true to me alone,
    A glance at us in the distance that tells me our love shall overcome.

    This is our destiny, our belonging, our fulfillment is to be One.
    For I know that you love me, and that our love is true,
    That no matter the chaos, the excitement, or the fears
    I know you love me as deeply as I love you.

    That knowing grounds me and stabilizes the forces within
    so that the winds of change, demands, and the external climate are quieted
    And all I hear whispering gently, yet ever so softly is the knowing,
    The comfort that you will always be near...

    This, my love, is what I know.

    Poem About A Constant Feeling, Contentment

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