Valentine Poems to Wife

Valentine Poems to Wife

Valentine's Day Poems from Husband to Wife

Valentine's Day is coming up and here's something to keep in mind. This holiday probably means more to your wife than it does to you. Do yourself a favor and show her that you really care. It will be worth your while, guaranteed. You may think that your wife knows that you love her. You may think that she knows you appreciate her. But how should she know? Think about it, when was the last time you took her in your arms, looked into her eyes and shared your deepest feelings? Now is the time!

8 Love Poems To Wife for Valentine's Day

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  1. 1. I Love You

    I can't talk to you without feeling honor.
    I can't see you without feeling wonder.
    I can't touch you without feeling pure.
    I can't feel you without wanting more.

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    The only little part that is 'wrong' for my circumstances is the sleep line. It's everything that I want to & wish I could say without being prompted (I've suffered brain injuries; have a...

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  3. 2. Walk In My Shoes

    • By Steven P. Dawson
    • Published: February 2019

    If you walked in my shoes for a day,
    You'd know how I love you in such a way.

    You'd share the aching of my heart

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    Love is such a beautiful thing. Love is what makes the heart sing.

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  5. 3. Heavenly Rose

    I wonder, is there Valentine's Day in heaven?
    For the one I love is there.
    I would love to send her some flowers
    To let her know how much I care.

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    Brother John,
    That's so, so touching and beautiful.
    I believe there's a Saint Valentine's Day in heaven and that flowers grow there.
    Do not worry, do not despair for roses are abundant in...

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  6. 4. My Wife

    • By Rolly Reinhart
    • Published: November 2007

    Unexpectedly she entered my life,
    This woman, this angel, who became my wife.

    She captured my heart and soul,

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    This poem is so beautiful

  7. 5. Our Dreams

    Let's ride into the sunset on a rainbow.
    We won't come back until tomorrow
    In the grandeur of the misty sunrise,
    With stars that fill the skies in our eyes.

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  8. 6. Please Be My Valentine

    • By Robert B. Anderson
    • Published: August 2006

    Please be my Valentine,
    Not only on this day,
    But every day throughout the year.
    You're my best friend in every way.

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    This is such a beautiful poem!

  9. 7. Valentine's Day Poem

    • By Joe Finger
    • Published: October 2009

    To the love of my life,
    My beautiful sweet wife,
    Our lives will always be demanding,
    So let's come to an understanding.

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    Am grateful to read your Valentine message, it can still touch any wife's heart.

  10. 8. Happy Valentine's Day To That Girl

    • By Tim La Rose
    • Published: February 2014

    Happy Valentine's Day
    To that girl who has won my heart.
    Happy Valentine's Day
    To that girl with whom I'll never part.

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