At age four, My house had burnt down at about 4 in the morning. I was inspired by a quote I found online to right about this. I absolutely love the style of Haiku, so I wrote one.... This poem is completely representative of my experience at such a young age, hence some lower-class vocab, such as "bed-head" and "annoying and loud" while most of the poem is written in a sophisticated manner, representing the age gap of then and now, both while attempting to create a visualization of the setting.

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"The Fire" In Haiku


Published: February 2013

I was in that fire,
The room was dark and somber.
I sleep peacefully.

That alarm then rang,
The sound annoying and loud,
But it saved my life.

I had woken up
Scared, confused, and sad alike.
I knew what happened.

My shelter burning;
My bastion fiercely falling,
I, at just age four.

I'll never forget
The face of mother possessed;
The look of pure fear.

Her light pajamas.
Her dark and rustled "bed-head."
She soon yanked me up.

Along with my rest,
My sister, brother, and dad
Ran out of the blaze.

My pets, left behind,
Found the inevitable.
They live now above.

Out we stand, post-haste;
The cold and wet post-storm land.
We stand, soles chilling.

Approach the neighbor,
Seemingly calm and relaxed
Amid the inferno.

She asked our well-being.
We had no reply to give.
She left with a sulk.

All possessions lost,
We drove far away, love lost
To live for years more.



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