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My Hair In Quarantine

I wrote this poem about my hair during quarantine. I didn't leave the house for weeks, and my hair was looking like a jungle!

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There's A Jungle On My Head


Published: June 24, 2020

There's a jungle on my head.
My hair's gone absolutely wild.
It looks like the Amazon rainforest.
I really don't like this style.

It's been ages since I saw a barber.
I've been stuck at home for weeks.
My hair is like a thicket;
I think it's growing weeds.

There is a jungle on my head;
it feels untamed and beastly.
I think a tiger lives in there;
getting him out won't be easy.

There is a forest on my head.
It's getting kind of funky.
Animals swing from the vines to and fro;
I think my head has monkeys.

Snakes are in the undergrowth.
They slither and hiss and slide.
I think they must be huge,
At least four inches wide.

Next time I see a barber,
I hope he has a machete.
He'll have to cut right through my jungle.
I look just like a Yeti!



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