Hope Poem

Positivity During Covid-19 Pandemic

Struggling during the current Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to write something that urged me to keep positive. It is important for me/us to remember the world keeps moving, I hope it can help others.

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Look For The Blossom


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 with permission of the Author.

The blossom will always grow.
The seasons will always change.
People come and go,
Their shadows comforting and strange.

The flowers will always bloom
Once the darkness subsides.
When every corner is filled with gloom,
Remember the sun just hides.

Brighter days will follow.
Earth will keep moving.
Look for the brighter color.
Help lift the darkness looming.

Breathe in the air around us.
Close your eyes for a minute's rest.
Live life for those who guided us,
For this moment is just a test.

You will get stronger.
Days will get longer.
Hope will flourish,
Memories to cherish.


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