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Try To Forgive Me Poem

This poem was written for a friend who was going through a rough period, and I'm glad to say it helped said friend cope. I have put it on here with that friend's permission. Hope it can help others too.

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This poem was sent to me by my best friend, a person I literally grew up with as a teenager and eventually married at the age of 23. After ten years of marriage (2016), one day my children...

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Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011 with permission of the Author.

Being sorry can be very hard when we're overwhelmed with pride,
But sometimes our pride must take a fall before we lose out.
And when we have to say sorry, we should mean it from our soul.
A meaningless sorry is like a broken promise to the heart.

And it only hurts more in the end, bringing bitter resentment,
And leading to the loss of a love that should be eternal.
Bringing us back down to earth from the fairy tale world of our mind,
With a pain that is maddening, physical and sometimes critical.

My heart is weeping tears of blood for the pain that I've caused you,
And it's crying out my apologies to your mind,
Pleading for your forgiveness for my unfortunate outbursts.
I never meant in a million years to be so unkind.

I have made mistakes in the past but never as serious as this,
And I know I will only have myself to blame if you leave,
And that scares me more than I've ever been scared in my life,
For you're my true motivation, the only real thing in which I believe.

Everything else is just a fantasy to my egotistical ideals.
It's always been me, me, me for far too long,
And lately I haven't given even a passing thought to your concerns.
I let them all fly past me, but now I know I was wrong.

You were reaching out to me in your time of uncertainty and sorrow,
While all I cared about was me and what was mine,
And as I watch you pack your bags with tears streaming down my cheeks,
Too late, I feel all your angst and pain.

And all that's left for me to do is say sorry in a sincere way,
With an apology that comes from deep inside my soul.
It's all I have left to offer for your love and your loyalty.
It's just a pity that my own loyalty I couldn't hold.

Now all I have left of you are the memories of the goodness I have lost,
And that loss brings a sadness every time I think of your name.
And my heart yearns to be able to turn back the hands of time,
To correct the mistakes I've made and start again.

So please take time to think about what I've said, as it comes from the heart.
Take time and try to forgive me my failure to deliver,
And if you can't, then cast me out of your life never to return,
And I will hang my head in shame...forever.


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  • Swetang Contractor by Swetang Contractor
  • 6 years ago

Hi, I was around 21 years old and newly in love with a girl I met in computer class. Day passed, and we got closer and closer. One day I finally proposed to her, but due to some reason she rejected my proposal. Then we stopped meeting. After six months I saw her with a completely new look, style, everything. We started meeting daily again. Three years passed and I came to 24. She expected my proposal. I had a good job. I worked for a well-known media channel. After some time, due to some reason, I had to quit that job. I lied to her every day that I still had a job. The day came when she found out I quit my job, and that changed everything. After being in a relationship with me for 5 years, she left me. Her friends wanted her to break up with me, and she finally did what they want without even thinking about me. I am so sorry for what I did.

  • Dead Doll by Dead Doll
  • 7 years ago

Hi, my story begins 19 years ago with a dream of a wonderful husband and family. Though he said he loved so much and he did show me affection always, he would still hurt me emotionally and mentally at the same time. After being cheated on and always being verbally abused, with words that are so hard to repeat because my heart still aches to remember, years went by and things were still the same. Some days got even worse. After three beautiful children, things changed inside of me, but also things changed inside him. As he changed for the better, I changed for the worse. Now he was the one trying to fix things and I was the one destroying them, but this time I destroyed everything to the end. I'm divorced and now. I'm even unhappier than before. I miss him like crazy, and I now regret giving up and not fighting anymore for my family or my marriage. There is no turning back anymore for sure, because he has moved on. He seems happy! I miss you, first love.

  • Norma by Norma
  • 7 years ago

We all want love so badly, but why does it hurt so much? Thank you for your stories.

  • Jay by Jay
  • 7 years ago

This poem was sent to me by my best friend, a person I literally grew up with as a teenager and eventually married at the age of 23. After ten years of marriage (2016), one day my children and I came home to an empty closet, bank account (his own personal) and a note that read, "I will call my children when I find somewhere to sleep." Three days later, our youngest child, with tears in her eyes called his mother and then I discovered that my husband, my best friend and mate, moved over 17 hours away. I share this because after reading this poem my heart is again grieving the loss of not only love but a friendship that I cherished above all. Definitely a good read; brings light to his emotions and possibly closure.

  • Ev Bauer by Ev Bauer
  • 9 years ago

I know this poem is about lost lovers but the similarities I share with it when I went through a rough time with my teen daughter is hauntingly familiar. Packing her bags with tears streaming down my face and yet my stubbornness and ego too big to say I was wrong, I watched my baby walk out the door, homeless. Foolish! Wrong! I loved the poem!

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