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The Sounds Of Nature

I am a nature lover and enjoy spending time outdoors. Nature's sounds fascinate me.

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Voices Of Nature

© more by Joydip Dutt

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2022 with permission of the Author.

You hear voices of nature in a rooster's call
As if saying, "Hey, wake up all."

You hear voices of nature in buzzing of bees
As they gather around flowering trees.

You hear voices of nature when a dove coos
Or during midnight when an owl hoots.

You hear voices of nature in an ocean's roar
Or during a heavy downpour.

You hear voices of nature in murmur of a stream
Or when the hungry nestlings scream.

You hear voices of nature when leaves rustle
Or when the wild wind whistles.

Nature is neither mute, nor is nature silent;
Nature's sounds fascinate those who carefully listen.



Joydip Dutt was born and brought up in Kolkata, India. After completing a degree in English, she started working as a content writer and currently works as a freelance writer. Even though she has loved poetry since childhood, she didn’t start writing it until 2015. Joydip Dutt is one of the pen names she uses – this particular name was borrowed...

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