Nature Poem for Kids

The Adventures Of A Leaf

It is Autumn once again, and falling leaves are dancing through the air. In my imagination, I follow one such a leaf on its journey.

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Blown With The Wind

Bettina Van Vaerenbergh © more by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Published: October 4, 2021

I imagined, though ever so brief, that I was a leaf;
And the wind blew me off my tree.
I was excited - even delighted,
Because of the wonderful sights I would see.

I swirled and twirled high in the air,
And I landed on top of a hill.
The view was astounding, with flowers abounding;
It was such an incredible thrill.

Hours passed, and then, at long last,
The wind remembered me.
I played with a child, and we both smiled;
We were so happy and so free!

We chased each other, not a care or bother
Was on our minds.
But good things end, and my newfound friend
Had to go and leave me behind.

We said goodbye, I journeyed on through the sky;
But at midday I needed a rest.
In a meadow I lazed, amidst cows that grazed;
Until the wind blew me out West.

I flew over houses, I skimmed over towers;
Then I landed on top of a train.
The sun shone bright, I was enjoying my ride
When the wind blew me into a drain.

Dark clouds came along, and not before long,
The rain was pouring down.
Into the sewer I went, my heart quite content;
For a leaf, I had been around!


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