Goodbye Love Poem

I fell in love with my best friend. We became super close, super fast. After a while, though, I faced the future. I knew that our plans weren't the same and we wouldn't be able to live our lives fully if we were together. I had to take a step back to evaluate and then take another step back to stay friends.

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You Aren't The One

© more by Mermaid

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017 with permission of the Author.

I always thought I'd know
when I found the one for me. 
But it seems I guessed the wrong one,
'cause we're definitely not meant to be. 

The first time you made me laugh,
I thought I'd found my man. 
But things have changed so much,
and I've done all that I can. 

Our dreams have conflicted;
our futures can't work together. 
We will never be more;
we will never have forever. 

It's like ripping my heart out,
and losing a part of me. 
We became too close too fast,
and saying goodbye was never easy. 

So much of my life I've now wasted,
waiting so long for you. 
I'm searching for a new direction,
walking away and forgetting too. 

Silence has never been so loud;
I have never felt such pain. 
But things have changed so much;
conflicting feelings are driving me insane. 

Through the years I never worried,
'cause I never faced reality. 
But now it's staring me in the face,
and I know you aren't the one for me.


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