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    Poems by Madeline Matterson

  • I Count The Seconds

    • Published: September 2015

    in Abuse Poems

    I count the seconds
    As the time comes near.
    I know as I wait
    That pain will be here.


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  • The Pain Of Goodbye

    • Published: October 2015

    in Goodbye Love Poems

    I could fill the oceans with the tears I've cried
    Or cover the entire earth with blankets of failed tries.
    Countless times what I thought was truth became a lie.
    Everything is falling apart, and I'm sick of asking why.


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  • Don't Ever Say Goodbye

    • Published: October 2015

    in Missing You Poems

    Don't ever say goodbye, even if you leave
    I'll always be your little girl, pulling at your sleeve

    Don't ever say goodbye if you're not coming back


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  • Dad, You Said You Loved Me

    • Published: July 2013

    in Hurting Poems by Teens

    You said you loved me
    So why do I feel hated

    You said you cared for me


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  • Madeline Matterson
  • 9 years ago

I'm a poet myself, but I used to only write because I was depressed. I thought no one cared until I met someone. This person has been like a brother to me and has helped me through the hell that my life used to be. Now I live each day with purpose.

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