Goodbye Love Poem

Poem About The Goodbye That Hurts Too Much To Say

So many times I've had to say goodbye, and I know from experience that the person may be gone, but the pain of goodbye stays.

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The Pain Of Goodbye

© more by Madeline Matterson

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015 with permission of the Author.

I could fill the oceans with the tears I've cried
Or cover the entire earth with blankets of failed tries.
Countless times what I thought was truth became a lie.
Everything is falling apart, and I'm sick of asking why.
It gets so bad, to the point where I just want to die,
But all of this is nothing compared to the pain of goodbye.
What's the point of believing if you could never fly?
I'm a bird with clipped wings, a well that has run dry,
I'm an undone knot with ends too loose to tie,
But still, nothing compares to the endless pain of goodbye.


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