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  1. A Lover's Poem

    • By Quinetta Hawkins
    • Published: February 2020
    You Showed Me True Love Exists

    I never knew love until I found you.
    Always thought it was a myth until you showed me it was true.
    A fairytale story that I thought would never come true,
    But all that changed when I ran into you.

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  3. If I Could, I Would

    Poem About What I'd Do For My Love

    If I were an Artist, I'd paint pictures of you
    Upon a canvas in lovely colourful hue.

    If I were a Singer, I would sing you a song,

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    Thank you, Bobby. Those words are very much appreciated.

  4. The True Love Valentine

    An Elderly Couple On Valentine's Day

    Big, pink fluffy hearts could not convey
    what you mean to me this Valentine's Day.
    A card with fancy words saying, "I love you so,"
    could not capture my thoughts, but I think you know

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  6. On This Day

    • By Holly Perkins
    • Published: February 2006

    To some people, February 14th is just another day.
    For me, this is a day to take time and say... I love you.
    Stop, and think what we've been through and how much our love grew.
    Yes, we fight,

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    This is beautifully written. When I read this poem, I remembered that Valentine's Day where I sat down alone because I had no money and no love. Poems and stories will come when we sit alone...

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  7. I Imagine

    • By Apurva
    • Published: January 2015
    Poem About Thinking Of Time With Lover

    I imagine.
    When I do,
    I can only think of you.
    How your smile spreads to your eyes,

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    The poem is very sweet. I like it. I imagine myself in love with a girl I met online. I imagine her smile when I send her a message. I imagine us together in love, built on trust from long...

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  8. Snowflake Kisses

    • By Angela M. Torrence
    • Published: February 2006


    Upon the earth, the snow kisses.
    Glittering flakes drop as the ice glistens
    My soul has awakened, and now my heart listens.
    In my mind your voice whispers.

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    I like this poem a lot and I think this is a kind of thing a girl would really like.

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  10. A Valentine's Day Poem

    • By Maria I. Carmona
    • Published: February 2006

    My heart has chosen you
    On this magical day of love
    To share and dwell upon
    The beauty of its touch.

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    Being in love is magical, where the butterflies flutter around in your stomach and your heart skips a fast beat and you keep making little stupid mistakes through the day because your...

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  11. Do You Remember?

    Valentine's Eve

    Do you remember that Valentine's Eve?
    Soft moonlight shining through silhouette trees,
    Silvery stars glistening just for us.
    Do you remember being so in love?

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  12. Beauty Of Your Love

    Poem That Expresses The Beauty Of Non-Verbal Love

    You never say you love me
    But your silence conveys a lot
    Such is the beauty of your love

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  13. Won't You Be My Valentine?


    For all the times I have hurt you,
    All the times I didn't support you.
    For all the times I failed to shine,
    Darling, won't you be my Valentine?

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