Romantic Valentine's Day Poems

Romantic Valentine's Day Poems

Romantic Poems for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the Holiday of Romance. Romance is love in its active state, ignited and inspired. Valentine's Day may feel like a holiday forced on us by the Greeting Card, Jewelry and Floral industries, but the truth is that we have accepted it because we recognize and value its purpose. Love that never inspires romance is stagnant and stale. Valentine's Day is an opportunity to ignite our existing relationship with romance, and love with an added dose of romance will result in a stronger, longer lasting and far more satisfying relationship.

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  1. We Belong To One Another

    A Token Of Love On Valentine's Day

    We belong to one another, like the body and soul.
    You make me complete; you make me whole.
    How much I love you is beyond any measure.
    You are my wealth, you're the one I truly treasure.

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  3. My Promise

    • By Dan P. Brown
    • Published: February 2018
    Romantic Valentine Message

    If you were my rose, then I'd be your sun,
    painting you rainbows when the rains come.
    I'd change my orbit to banish the night,
    as to keep you in my nurturing light.

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    An absolutely beautiful love poem. I love the way the poet is using comparisons to express the emotions of love and devotion in such a deep, romantic and poetic way. Beautifully written and...

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  4. A Lover's Poem

    • By Quinetta Hawkins
    • Published: February 2020
    You Showed Me True Love Exists

    I never knew love until I found you.
    Always thought it was a myth until you showed me it was true.
    A fairytale story that I thought would never come true,
    But all that changed when I ran into you.

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  6. Eternal Emotion

    • By Mason C. Ford
    • Published: February 2020
    Loving You Forever

    As long as the birds are singing,
    As long as the fish can swim,
    As long as the sun keeps shining,
    I will love you in the bright or dim.

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    This is such a beautiful poem declaring the everlasting nature of love. Sounds very romantic. Thanks for sharing.

  7. My Valentine Girl

    • By Dane Lee
    • Published: February 2006
    You Have Stolen My Heart

    I want to give a special Valentine to you,
    And I think I'm crushing, if you only knew.

    Each day I feel like I'm floating on an endless cloud,

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    Do not allow anybody you see to steal your heart, but allow someone who can be your soulmate. I am saying that the love is a treasure which multiplies continuously till the old age.

  8. Unforgettable Valentine's Day

    • By Linzy Bruno
    • Published: February 2016
    Poem About New Love And Our First Valentine's Day

    I hope you feel Valentine's Day
    is your favorite day this year,
    because the first thing I'm gonna do
    is hold you tight and shed a grateful tear.

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  10. If I Could, I Would

    Poem About What I'd Do For My Love

    If I were an Artist, I'd paint pictures of you
    Upon a canvas in lovely colourful hue.

    If I were a Singer, I would sing you a song,

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    Thank you, Bobby. Those words are very much appreciated.

  11. My First, My Last, My Valentine

    • By Sokea Meas
    • Published: February 2006

    I've never imagined that there can be this day.
    A day that love will find its way
    Out of my heart and into your soul.
    These feelings I have are beyond my control.

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    I fell in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.

  12. My Valentine Song

    • By Salvatore Deprima
    • Published: February 2006


    All the cards that were written on the shelf
    Can't tell you how I feel.
    And this love that I have in my heart,

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  13. The True Love Valentine

    An Elderly Couple On Valentine's Day

    Big, pink fluffy hearts could not convey
    what you mean to me this Valentine's Day.
    A card with fancy words saying, "I love you so,"
    could not capture my thoughts, but I think you know

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