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Quote About Reasons I Love You

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the joy in my heart,
the sparkle in my eye,
the light in my life.

Amorita Maharaj

Love Is Like A Virus


Love is like a virus
it can happen
to anybody
at anytime.

Maya Angelou

Quote About The Dislike Of Love

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Of all the emotions
a person can feel,
love is scariest
and hardest to heal.

- David Charlton



Quote About Heart Belonging To Husband

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My life is yours,
my heart I give
until we die
and while we LIVE!

- Jessica L. Johnston

Quote About A Grandmothers Love

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You placed your arms around me,
And I could plainly see,
That all the love in your heart
Was there just for me.

- Cynthia Jerdon

The Way You Make Me Feel Quote

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I can't see you without feeling wonder. . .
I can't hold you without feeling safe. . .
But most of all,
I can't exist without you in my life.

Harry Boslem

Quote About Being Blessed By Relationship

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You are everything
I could ever need and more,
more than I deserve
or would dare wish for.

D Lancaster

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