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    Poems by Soumyanetra Pal

  • Lights

    • Published: January 2016

    in Poems about Life Struggles

    Light up the way for me.
    I'm scared of the dark.
    Illuminate the blackest road
    With the brightest spark.


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    This is the truth! I have had my share of life struggles, but my faith has allowed me to overcome my trials. Throughout your battles and rough roads, you have to believe that the light will...

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  • My Lost Love

    • Published: January 2016

    in Loss Poems

    I remember the time
    When you would bring home chocolates you'd received at school
    Just so that you could give them to me
    And watch me smile.


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    This poem really touched my heart. After reading this poem I can say that your poems are most effective poems. I really want to say thanks to you for writing this wonderful poem. It really...

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  • Soumyanetra Pal
  • 6 years ago

Thnax for your support and admiration.. it gives me blessings so that I may write on..

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