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Love Promise Quote

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I promise to be your strength
whenever you fall weak.
I promise to be your voice
when you can't find the words.

- Emily Thurston

I Never Want To Be Without You

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I never want to be without you,
not in a million years.
You keep me at peace with myself,
and you chase away all my fears.

- Lindsey Stamper

Quote About Finding True Love

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Your eyes, your smile,
I can't resist
Ever since I found you
I know love does exist

- Hailey White


Quote About Significant Other Giving Life Meaning

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I have found someone to miss
While he is away
Something to look forward to
When I wake up each day

Kacie Marie Pollard

Don't Take Love For Granted

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Love doesn't come often,
so take it with both hands.
Love isn't a game,
so don't take it for granted!

- ZgM10

If You Love Somebody

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If you love somebody
with your heart, soul, and mind,
every road to adventure
is one of a kind

Shelagh Bullman

I Love You

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You are my blanket
that keeps me warm.
You are my umbrella
that shields the storm.

Randy Vernezze

Quote About Heart Belonging To Husband

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My life is yours,
my heart I give
until we die
and while we LIVE!

- Jessica L. Johnston

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