Poetry Quotes About Love

Falling in love is a feeling unlike any other emotion you will ever feel. It makes you feel completely alive and utterly happy. At the same time, it can make you feel detached from the rest of the world, like everything around you is momentary and nothing else matters except that special person. In fact, thoughts of that person are likely to be the only thoughts that fill your mind, giving you a beautiful sensation that thrills your heart. When it happens, you will find yourself unafraid of getting hurt, willing to risk it all. It is a most wonderful feeling.

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Love Is Like A Virus


Love is like a virus
it can happen
to anybody
at anytime.

Maya Angelou

Quote About The Dislike Of Love

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Of all the emotions
a person can feel,
love is scariest
and hardest to heal.

- David Charlton

Quote About A Grandmothers Love

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You placed your arms around me,
And I could plainly see,
That all the love in your heart
Was there just for me.

- Cynthia Jerdon


Love Is Gentle

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Love is gentle,
love is kind.
Love opens your heart
and brings peace of mind.

Beryl L Edmonds

Love Gladdens Your World

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Love gladdens your world.
Love raises the soul.
Love makes everything special.
Love makes you feel whole.

Beryl L Edmonds

Quote About The Power Of A Smile

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Anger can rage
'til it tears you apart,
but the power of your smile
can mend a broken heart.

- Malia Taitte

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