Sandra Hearth

Sandra Hearth

About Sandra Hearth

I love writing ...funny, sad, happy, whatever I'm feeling.
It's a joy and I can leave behind all the noise of this world and go to places that make me feel, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh.
It's therapeutic a lot ot of the time, life's journey can take us to places we didn't choose and writing helps me heal.
I just like to put into words some of the things I feel, felt and dreamed of or wished for...that's the beauty I find out in writing.
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    Poems by Sandra Hearth

  • Time

    • Published: February 12, 2022

    in Relationship Poems

    Love is an emotion we feel too quick.
    Time is what we need, this is the trick.

    Love will find you when you are ready.


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    "Love is an emotion we feel too quick"
    "It's an emotion that touches your soul"
    That's the naked truth, and when you rush it out, your soul will end up being crashed and torn into pieces...

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  • Take A Stand

    • Published: August 2020

    in Compassion Poems

    Sometimes the light will shine through.
    It makes its way to the surafce to show you
    That within all this mess and chaos,
    There is still a spark to help us when we're at a loss.


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  • Three Empty Chairs

    • Published: January 2020

    in Christmas Poems

    There are now three empty chairs at the Christmas table.
    It's a time I find difficult, even unable

    To find joy on this family day.


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  • Stronger Than You

    • Published: March 18, 2022

    in Depression Poems

    There you are, sneaking upon me!
    From the corner of my eye, you make no sound, but I can see!

    I ignore you're there, but you grow each day.


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  • Do You Dare?

    • Published: January 2020

    in Earth Poems

    A world of peace, a world of hope.
    Not full of violence, crime and dope.

    I want all that's bad to be stopped in its tracks.


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  • Sandra Hearth
  • 4 years ago

Thank you for your very kind words.

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