Christmas Poem

Remembering Lost Loved Ones At Christmas

Christmas is our family time, a beautiful day for all the family. Lots of noise, giggles, cooking, and games. Then we became less over these last years, and the Christmases that once held sparkle have now lost their shine. We have lost the ones we loved, and the chairs are now empty. Such loss can be so hard...

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Three Empty Chairs

Sandra Hearth © more by Sandra Hearth

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2020 with permission of the Author.

There are now three empty chairs at the Christmas table.
It's a time I find difficult, even unable

To find joy on this family day.
We are so lost since you went away.

Our lives have less joy and our days are sad.
I cry when I remember all that we had.

Christmas day was that special day of the year
Where we gathered around with festive cheer.

A time of love, smiles and joy,
A time to watch the children open their gifts, play with their toys.

The turkey cooking and puddings to be made,
All the excitement and noise and a beautiful table we laid.

But once again we feel a loss of someone special we love,
And once again we cry and turn our look to above.

Heaven holds all three of you now,
And our loss and pain is too much, oh wow.

My mum, dad, and brother, now all gone.
It hurts, this loss; it feels so wrong.

There are now only our memories that we can hold dear.
And as we say Merry Christmas, we also shed a tear.

As we look upon the three empty chairs,
I will raise my glass as we toast and share.

We miss you all so very much; now you're in heaven above.
To all of you, my family, with all our hearts, we send our love.



I love writing ...funny, sad, happy, whatever I'm feeling.
It's a joy and I can leave behind all the noise of this world and go to places that make me feel, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh.
It's therapeutic a lot ot of the time, life's journey can take us to places we didn't choose and writing helps me heal.

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