Birth Poem

The Gift Of Life

My child is more precious than anything else on this earth. A new life, a true gift. The moment we met, a bond we will always have, a date we will always know, a time we will always share, a celebration...your birthday!

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My Perfect Gift

Sandra Hearth © more by Sandra Hearth

Published: January 29, 2019

To celebrate is to embrace an act of wonder and joy,
To show the whole world you have a girl or a boy.

A date that will be written forever in time,
A life, a love, a child of mine.

Tiny fingers and perfect toes,
Rosey pink cheeks and a little button nose.

A true miracle, you are born tonight.
In my arms, I cannot stop staring as I hold you tight.

Held close beside my heart, I gently sway.
You're exactly 20 minutes old; you're here to stay.

My precious gift, my child, my light,
You are everything that's perfect; you are just right.

So hello, my angel; I'd just like to say,
Welcome my darling, and happy birthday!



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  • Raelene J. Elliss by Raelene J. Elliss, Australia
  • 1 year ago

The author should most definitely be published in special cards for births. It's just perfect.

Thank you for your very kind words.

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