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    Poems by Anne Pollock

  • Sleigh Ride

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    • Posted on 10/25/20
    A Wintry Sleigh Ride

    in Christmas Poems

    Sleighing through the forest
    On a late December evening,
    To my sister tightly clinging
    In our flying wintry bed.

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  • Homecoming

    • Published: October 25, 2020
    A Pirate Haunting

    in Halloween Poems

    Shiver me timbers, rattle me bones.
    It's All Hallows' Eve, and I'm on me way home;
    Home to me wifey, me Katy, me best--
    Been three hundred years since they laid us to rest.


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  • Do You Know Where Fairies Live?

    • Published: October 25, 2020
    A Child Yearns To See A Fairy

    in Poems for Kids

    Do you know where fairies live?
    To see just one, I'd gladly give
    The moon and stars and galaxies
    That sail above the summer breeze.


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  • Anne Pollock
  • 1 month ago

I love autumn, and your poem describes everyone I love about it, and so beautifully. Thank you.

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