Halloween Poem

Cackles And Cauldrons: A Tale Of Halloween Witches

This poem was inspired by all I have seen, heard, and imagined through the years on the subject of witches and Halloween.

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Halloween Party

© more by Anne Pollock

Published by Family Friend Poems October 12, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Cold night on Craggy Height,
The witches make ready their yearly flight.
Old brooms rewoven, blackest cats chosen.
When they fly tonight, there'll be no dozing.

The Man in the Moon cringes and reels
As the squadron ascends in hair-raising squeals,
Cursing and searching with wide-eyed stares
For the first to be caught, alone, unawares.

One night a year, this horrible team
Is free to wander--on Halloween.
Free to wander through graveyards and homes
Searching for eyes and toes and bones.

Nine "ingredients" in all must be found,
Then drawn and quartered and carefully bound.
For the larders are low, the potions and stews,
The awful black broths, the green gooey brews.

So, beware little frogs, little newts, little boys;
Beware ALL you mortals--make little noise!
For the night is long, and the heyday is high
'Ere the witches remount and return to the sky,
With their treasures all bundled like bogus St. Nicks
To a party up north that I hope you will miss!


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