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A Child Yearns To See A Fairy

I've always identified with the enchanted world of fairies, Mother Earth's keepers of the plant kingdom. When I'm very quiet and listen well, I can discover them about their work, and my poems are my narrative.

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Do You Know Where Fairies Live?

© more by Anne Pollock

Published: October 25, 2020

Do you know where fairies live?
To see just one, I'd gladly give
The moon and stars and galaxies
That sail above the summer breeze.
Kindly sir, pray do tell,
Do you know where fairies dwell?

Little friend, you look too far.
Can't you see they're where you are?
Tending flowers like busy bees,
Standing smaller than your knees?
You must see them just like I
When you bid your doubts goodbye.

Gentle sir, when I was small,
I climbed above your garden wall;
And there to my surprise and joy,
Stood a little winged boy.
He winked at me and flew away
Into the myth of yesterday.

But you were just a child then
Before you ripened into ten;
And as you grew up, you were taught
What is real and what is not.
But trust your heart; you can unlearn.
Believe in fairies and they'll return!


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