Cristinalyn T. Tabangin

Cristinalyn T. Tabangin

About Cristinalyn T. Tabangin

I am posting my poems on Family Friend Poems because I want others to know that no matter how simple their poems are they can still let other people read it. They just don't know if that simple poem could be the reason of someone to be inspired again and start to use writing also to free themselves from sadness and to feel that there is still hope.

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    Poems by Cristinalyn T. Tabangin

  • Sad Reality

    • pending
    • Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago
    Life May Become Hopeless Sometimes.

    in Crying Poems

    Some people just don't see,
    The pain hiding inside me.
    I feel so dumb like I always do,
    I feel like my soul left me full of sorrow.

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  • Silent Healing

    • Published: April 13, 2019
    Healing Acrostic Poem

    in Hope Poems

    How hard it is to heal a broken heart.
    Everything seems so dark,
    And it seems like the stars even lost their spark.
    Loneliness just pulled me apart.


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  • A Message For Him

    • Published: June 2017
    A Message For My Father In Heaven

    in Father Poems

    No one can love me as much as you.
    In you, I know I'm not alone.
    Your smile gives me happiness behind sadness.
    Your memories give me strength behind darkness.


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