Father Poem

A Message For My Father In Heaven

I am the eldest among six children in the family, and losing our father at an early age is just so hard. You need to give strength to the family by being strong no matter how hard life is. Writing had been my friend since then. I use it to tell the words that I can't speak aloud. And most of what I write and have written are those that I want to tell to my father in heaven.

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A Message For Him

Cristinalyn T. Tabangin © more by Cristinalyn T. Tabangin

Published: June 2017

No one can love me as much as you.
In you, I know I'm not alone.
Your smile gives me happiness behind sadness.
Your memories give me strength behind darkness.
You had been my reason since then
To fight and continue living,
To endure every pain, no matter how much I suffer,
And to believe that I can still do better.
I'll love you forever; that's my promise.
Eating together, that's what I really miss.
I will work hard for the family
And do my best to make them happy.
I know that you'll always be there,
Guiding us and protecting us from any danger.
That's why I want to say thank you
And tell you that someday I want to be like you.



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