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    Poems by Donna Marie

  • Relinquished

    • Published: June 2018
    Her Soul Lives On

    in Spiritual Poems about Death

    Her light is not extinguished
    Only her body is relinquished
    The sparkle she exhibited
    Will never be inhibited


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  • Note To Self

    • Published: January 2018
    Metaphor For Dealing With Change

    in Inspirational Poems

    Be like the willow that bends,
    shade that it sends,
    peace that it lends.


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    This is an amazing poem - saying so much in very few words. Things don't always go the way we want, and sometimes we have to adapt and do so cheerfully - a very important lesson. It is also...

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  • Twitter Christmas

    • pending
    • Posted on 12/24/16
    Technically Challengedl Christmas

    in Christmas Poems

    Tis the age of twitter
    and social status
    sometimes quite bitter
    that tech apparatus

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  • Donna Marie
  • 9 months ago

A wonderful talent shared. Enjoyed this and The Forest's Blessed Abode.

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  • Donna Marie
  • 1 year ago

Thanks for the appreciation. I did have a request for pictures!

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