Spiritual Poem about Death

Her Soul Lives On

Possible Mass Card, Epitaph, Song. I'm a novice poetess, and I have lost pieces of my heart. A huge piece upon the passing of my Mom. Sometimes this helps!

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Donna Marie © more by Donna Marie

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2018

                               Her light is not extinguished
                               Only her body is relinquished
                               The sparkle she exhibited
                               Will never be inhibited

                               Every piece of stardust twinkle
                               Every work of Love generously sprinkled
                               Shines as bright as a Glorious Nova
                               Only her earthly life is over

                               As the heavens accept her energy
                               Know you are wrapped in her loving,
                                          Living synergy

                                Occasionally, on this gravity filled earth
                                We're unsure of our celestial worth
                                There's a reason for our humble birth
                                 And a season to our earthly hearth

                                Remember her with laughter
                                As she's accepted into the ever-after
                                Her light is not extinguished
                                Only her body is relinquished

                                Through the grace of God
                                She's lifted with a nod
                                Feel her smiling spirit brightly lit
                                Her melody has amplified
                                     "Do you hear it?"
                                She is home, her eternal Glorious Gift
                                In God's brilliant star light, she doth drift
                                Her light is not extinguished
                                Only her body is relinquished
                                Oh no, her light is not extinguished
                                Only a tired vessel is relinquished


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