Beauty of Nature Poems

Beauty of Nature Poems

Beautiful Nature Poems

When we take the time to examine the beauty of the world around us, we are able to see parallels within our own lives. One who in tune with nature is in tune with the practice of living. Nature moves in a spiral as do our personal lives. It is important to spend time in nature because in this way we can become aware of its wisdom. If we ignore the beauty of nature and spend all our time in an urban jungle, our stress levels go up and we begin to feel as if we are made out of the concrete that we see all around us.

66 Poems about enjoying the calm, serenity and beauty of nature.

  1. 1. Tapestry

    • By Lesley Elaine Greenwood
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    Hi I'm Lesley, a retired teacher enjoying my three grandchildren. I started writing poetry seriously when my eleven year old daughter, Heather died suddenly in the Spring of 1995. I was able to express my feelings through verse and this helped me come to terms with the massive hole that she left in my world. So a lot of my poems mix sadness and happiness. Nature and friendship are also important to me, the beauty around us and within us.

    Painting A Picture With Words

    If I could take a brush and paint the mountains and the moors,
    I would splash the hillsides yellow and cover them in gorse.
    I'd take the finest needle and the darkest thread of green
    And sew a line of bracken along the landscape. In-between

    I'd lay a purple carpet of wild heather in the dells
    And fringe the edge of all the woods with their pretty lilac bells.
    I'd merge the bracken with the heather, mix their colours like the sea,
    A green and purple ocean on my own rich tapestry.

    Then I'd take a ball of soft, white wool and stitch a mass of daisy chains
    Around the lush green meadows and up the sides of winding lanes.
    I would stencil on the marshes, just like pure white china cups,
    Some fragile water lilies and by the ponds, sweet buttercups.

    I'd mix orange, reds and yellows planting poppies wild and free
    Onto nature's coloured canvas, my own rich tapestry.

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  3. 2. Renewed By The Morning Light

    This poem is about nature and also about being grateful for each new day and a chance to start anew.

    Start Each Day Anew

    I sit upon my front porch stoop
    Beneath the morning sun.
    Grateful for the moment spent
    Away from everyone.

    The air is fresh and slightly chilled,
    The sky is blue and clear.
    The silence that surrounds me now
    Is music to my ears.

    I love the morning best of all,
    It's my most tranquil time,
    When the promise of a brand new day
    Can ease my troubled mind.

    When second chances seem more possible
    And the world less cold and dark,
    And hope can somehow pierce the walls
    Of my sad and aching heart.

    When left alone with nature
    All the world seems far away
    And the woes of life so trivial
    When wrapped in her embrace.

    But alas the birds awaken
    And begin to sing their songs,
    And people slowly wander by
    And nod as they go on.

    The sun has now grown brighter
    As it rises in the sky
    And in the distance there's a whistle
    As a train goes lumbering by.

    The world is calling out to me
    To jump back in the fray.
    To have faith things can get better
    And let go of yesterday.

    So today I get to start again
    By the morning light renewed.
    Feeling brave and energized,
    There is nothing I can't do.

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    I do so enjoy your poems - keep writing. Best wishes, Ann

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  5. 3. The Forest's Blessed Abode

    Naturalist John Muir and my love of trees inspired this poem. Muir's conservation efforts saved many forests and natural areas for all of us. While in Alaska, I saw the loveliest forests and scenery I've ever seen. Muir's quote on his Alaska trip describes what I saw: "Tracing shining ways through fiord and sound, past forests and waterfalls, islands and mountains and far azure headlands, it seems as if surely we must at length reach the very paradise of the poets, the abode of the blessed."

    Poem About Beauty Of Forest And Trees

    Come, walk with me into the forest's blessed abode,
    To see the wondrous beauty the Earth has bestowed;
    We'll bask in the surreal splendor that surrounds us,
    And listen to nature composing the forest's grand opus,
    As sounds of whispering trees and burbling streams,
    Send our minds wandering into a poet's lovely dreams.

    We'll walk where sunlight sets the forest's leaves aglow,
    Weaving open paths to dapple golden light on all below;
    Where trees shade us from summer heat and harsh rays,
    Freeing our minds so we can see Mother Nature's ways,
    Of creating nurturing sanctuaries for life dwelling there,
    To shield its tender wards from storms too hard to bear.

    Come sit beneath the glowing embers of an autumn tree,
    Whose rich hues are a natural wonder many come to see,
    While colorful leaves glide down in a whirling course,
    Like embers breaking loose from their flaming source.
    Glowing for a moment as if falling to their ending fate,
    Instead, nourishing Earth for rebirth into a new state.

    The wintering forest seems to be a still, desolate place.
    Yet, under the snow and autumn leaves of a tree's base,
    Beats the promising pulse of new life that patiently waits
    For spring's warmth and rain to open wide nature's gates;
    Roam with me under the trees standing strong over it all,
    To watch them quietly sleep until nature's beckoning call.

    Let us stroll in spring's forest where we will reap
    The joy of Earth awakening its children from sleep,
    And hear life's chorus and watch its offspring grow,
    As waking trees renew their canopy over all below;
    Come share with me the forest's spirit at rebirth,
    So we too are reborn within this temple of Earth.

    Every now and then let us answer the forest's call,
    To come see life's beauty and the miracle of it all;
    If we listen with our hearts as we walk among trees,
    We may understand the message carried on a breeze,
    For us to blend with the forest's spirit so it will beguile
    Us into walking under its lovely trees for just a while.

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    I began writing "The Forest's Blessed Abode" about a month after I returned from a trip to Alaska and Canada, where I saw some of the loveliest forests and surreal scenery I have ever seen....

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  6. 4. The Beauty Of A Tree

    I have always loved the beauty and strength of trees. One day I was envisioning myself as a tree with my roots growing deep in my faith.

    Being Strong In Adversity

    Can there be anything more lovely
    Than the beauty of a tree?
    Her leaves shimmering in the wind,
    Dancing so gracefully.

    The strength of her mighty roots
    That grows deep into the earth.
    She's weathered every stormy gale
    For all that she is worth.

    Standing tall, resilient
    With her branches lifted high,
    She refused to bow, to break or bend
    But reaches upward to the sky.

    The beauty of the strength within
    As she held her head up high.
    Her strong resilient spirit
    Grew wings and learned to fly.

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  7. 5. My Wooded World

    • By Sheila Visingardi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    There's time for space and contemplation in the wooded world.
    The poem makes use of personification to make the woods seem alive. The branches, wind and animals are given human characteristics like walking, singing, talking.
    In loving memory of John H. Burns Sr. -my father

    Poem About Escaping To The Woods

    As a child, I would sit and ponder
    at the wooded areas, for their beauty relaxed me.
    The sway of the branches and whistling of the winds,
    as if they were calling my name.

    Then as I grew older, they were my retreat,
    for the woods became my own world,
    a world full of imagination, creativity,
    resourcefulness, as well as inspiration.

    I loved my domain, for no problems were too great.
    The woods protected me from everything.
    The branches would open as to hold me.
    The animals, in their busy ways, stopped to welcome me.

    It was this place, my wooded world, that I lived for.
    It is that place that beckons me now.
    For it was only there, in them woods, I felt truly free,
    as free as I would feel when your love would surround me.

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    It is a great poem! I translated it to Indonesia language for my homework and I got an A! Thanks for your work! Although its a bit hard to understand it in my language its perfect.

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  8. 6. The Brook

    The Industrial Revolution took place in Great Britain during the late 1700s and early 1800s. As cities grew, living conditions deteriorated for the poor and working class. Factories and mass production were beneficial for some but not everyone. This poem stands in contrast of new manufacturing processes of that time period by focusing on nature. The narrator in this poem, the brook, is personified. The brook shows persistence by continuing to flow, no matter what obstacles get in its way. The repeated lines, “For men may come and men may go, but I go on for ever,” showcase that. Famous poet Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892) was named Poet Laureate in Great Britain and Ireland.

    I come from haunts of coot and hern,
    I make a sudden sally
    And sparkle out among the fern,
    To bicker down a valley.

    By thirty hills I hurry down,
    Or slip between the ridges,
    By twenty thorpes, a little town,
    And half a hundred bridges.

    Till last by Philip's farm I flow
    To join the brimming river,
    For men may come and men may go,
    But I go on for ever.

    I chatter over stony ways,
    In little sharps and trebles,
    I bubble into eddying bays,
    I babble on the pebbles.

    With many a curve my banks I fret
    By many a field and fallow,
    And many a fairy foreland set
    With willow-weed and mallow.

    I chatter, chatter, as I flow
    To join the brimming river,
    For men may come and men may go,
    But I go on for ever.

    I wind about, and in and out,
    With here a blossom sailing,
    And here and there a lusty trout,
    And here and there a grayling,

    And here and there a foamy flake
    Upon me, as I travel
    With many a silvery waterbreak
    Above the golden gravel,

    And draw them all along, and flow
    To join the brimming river
    For men may come and men may go,
    But I go on for ever.

    I steal by lawns and grassy plots,
    I slide by hazel covers;
    I move the sweet forget-me-nots
    That grow for happy lovers.

    I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance,
    Among my skimming swallows;
    I make the netted sunbeam dance
    Against my sandy shallows.

    I murmur under moon and stars
    In brambly wildernesses;
    I linger by my shingly bars;
    I loiter round my cresses;

    And out again I curve and flow
    To join the brimming river,
    For men may come and men may go,
    But I go on for ever.

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    One of my earliest recollections was this poem being read to me by my father, a keen angler, as a bedtime story nearly 70 years ago. It stayed with me for the rest of my life. Inspirational...

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  9. 7. A Still Moment

    It's such a fast-paced world. Still I find it worthwhile and refreshing to spare little moments during the day to ponder nature's beauty around me. That's what inspired this. I hope you enjoy it.

    Nature's Soothing Appeal

    Take a moment.
    Put the worries behind.
    Take in the beauty around.
    Let it relax your mind.

    Watch the golden glow
    Of the rising morning sun.
    Embrace the peaceful aura
    Of the break of dawn.

    Savor the soft caress
    Of the gently moving breeze.
    Listen to its nifty tune
    Among the swaying trees.

    Enjoy the lovely scene
    Of a floating butterfly.
    Graceful flight and happy tweets
    Of a bird perched up high.

    Peruse the evening sky
    In its dazzling splendor.
    The wide and open pallet
    Merging shapes and colors.

    Relish the loving sight
    Of children having fun,
    Skipping feet and carefree voices
    Under the setting sun.

    Spare a still moment
    Every once in a while.
    Take in the beauty around.
    Take it in with a smile.

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    This makes me feel the opposite of what I feel when I need to finish my hours of homework. This poem is a work of art that makes you feel so centered and calm. If this poem was my stuffed...

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  10. 8. Our Mother Earth

    • By Shweta Banerjee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    Through this poetry I want to thank mother earth for sending me this beautiful nature in this wonder-world. I am amazed to see and to feel the beauty of the wonderland called the earth decorated with trees, flowers, animals and many more creatures of wonder.

    Poem About The Beauty Of Earth

    As I walk across the earth,
    thousands of things I get to see.
    Birds fly high, soaring higher,
    and on the flowers I hear the buzz of bees.

    The sun at the dawn, rises within the hills.
    Mountains covered with snow,
    shining like the crown of silver.
    And the waves touching the cliffs.
    The waterfall flowing down
    the green-blue mountains.
    Rivers forming a dream delta
    before entering the sea.

    And while walking on the beach at night,
    I feel the cool and sweet smelling breeze.
    The slashing sound still feels like
    the sound of love and peace.
    The moon over the sea,
    shining like a ball of gold.
    And in every step my eyes hold wonder.
    I bend on my knee
    to thank the mother earth,
    And is the truth.
    it's a great pleasure for me,
    to live in this wonderland.

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    I am 12 years old and I have written this poem as a love for the nature. I love indulging in poems and writing them. By my poems, I want to focus on nature and it's beauty.

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  11. 9. Inner Peace

    • By Joshua Fraser
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2018

    I was sitting at the beach, fishing. After having a few mental breakdowns during the week before, it was the first time I felt some peace.

    The wind whistles past my ears.
    Closing my eyes, I lose all my fears.
    The waves crash into the rocks.
    Out here there is no time on my clock.

    The serenity I feel here just soothes my mind.
    A peaceful day so hard to find.
    The breeze just calms my soul.
    Helps me think about what is my life's goal.

    I then look out over the ocean,
    And it feels like my life has lost its commotion.
    The sun sets down over the clouds.
    But the orange glow around makes me proud.

    As the night draws near.
    I feel like where I need to be is here.
    The soothing nature this afternoon brings
    Just feels like such a beautiful thing.

    I sit and wonder where life will go,
    But right now all I want is for time to slow.
    To enjoy this moment and feel free,
    To clear my mind and find some glee.

    It's days like these I truly treasure.
    Amazing nights and beautiful weather.
    It may not seem like much.
    But it's moments like these I want to clutch.

    For once I feel like life is bliss.
    So many hard days in which my happiness was missed.
    I could get lost listening to the waves.
    Listening to the birds and watching how the clouds behave.

    I could close my eyes and fade into the night.
    The tranquility I feel helps me win the fight.
    As the waves keep crashing into the rocks,
    I feel the happiness in my heart become unlocked.

    The day is drawing to a close.
    The peacefulness I feel right now I'll only know.
    Right now my mind is finally clear.
    It's time to go as the night draws near.

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    Life is full of loud shouts of distractions and contradictions while the sound of focus is but a whisper. Nature, fortunately sings this silent tune of focus to ears that would seek her. The...

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  12. 10. Seasons

    The seasons come and go. The poem makes strong use of verbs, adjectives and short lines to capture a memorable snapshot of each of the 4 seasons.

    Poem About The Four Seasons

    A dark gloomy sunless start
    Cold and calculating
    Frost on the windows
    Icy streets
    Snow on the ground
    Hot chocolate to be made
    Another Winter day

    Sun coming over the horizon
    Birds singing at dawn's first light
    Green grass dusted with morning dew
    Mowers mowing
    Flowers blooming
    Warm rain hitting the streets
    Another Spring day

    School's out, kids at home
    Swimming pools swarming
    Air-conditioners humming
    Backyard barbecues
    Hot sleepless nights
    Fireflies flying
    Another Summer day

    Leaves changing colors
    Back to school night
    Leaf blowers
    A new brisk chill to the air
    Apple cider to keep warm
    Another Autumn day

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  13. 11. Mighty Tempest

    Storms have fascinated me since I was a child. Although I now understand them a bit better, I can understand how people through history have associated storms to particular mythological gods, and mysterious occurrences of nature with folklore and other stories. I just wanted to set the feeling of a summer storm and give a little credit back to the mythological gods who were so infamous in creating these storms during ancient times. I hope my poem is enjoyed by storm lovers everywhere!

    Poem About Storms

    Sultry sun on fields and bay,
    quiet calm engulfs the day.

    Faint troubled rumblings in the sky
    foretells a mighty storm is nigh.

    Feathered fowl that glide the breeze
    quickly fly to nest in trees.

    A silent sense of darkness fell,
    as clouds began to twirl and swell.

    A yellow haze of green and gray
    replaces sun and heat of day.

    Thunderous cannons roar the sky
    with veins of light that pierce the eye.

    The day has darkened into night
    as Thor and Zeus pursue their might!

    Raging winds that bend and sway,
    tearing limbs along the way.

    Bursting clouds of icy hail;
    Nature's sting is quite surreal!

    The faded rumblings start to slow,
    and sultry sun peaks out to glow,

    Mighty Tempest, come and gone.
    Ancient storm gods carry on,
    leaving rainbows in the dawn!

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  14. 12. The Outside, Wondrous World

    This poem is about the beauty of the outside world.

    The Joy Of Being Outside

    The world outside is a wondrous place,
    Filled with many miracles to see.
    It's a place to hear and smell and feel.
    It's a place so unfettered and free.

    From the welcome warmth of the morning sun,
    As it plays upon your eyes,
    Enticing you from your slumber
    To awaken and come alive.

    Or the gentle touch of an Autumn breeze,
    As it chills and caresses your face,
    Beckoning you to start your day
    And let go of the night's embrace.

    The sound of the birds as they twitter and sing,
    Still nestled in the warmth of the trees.
    Soon they will lift their wings in flight,
    Shooed away by the fluttering leaves.

    To smell that earthy, Autumn air,
    As you step outside and breathe.
    To hear that steady, familiar crunch,
    As you wade through the dried, dead leaves.

    To look up and get lost in a ceiling-less sky,
    Deep blue or an ominous grey.
    Squinting against the brightest of suns,
    Or getting soaked by a sudden, cold rain.

    To feel beads of sweat on your clammy face,
    In the heat of a blistering day.
    Then submerge in a river that seeps through your skin,
    Dousing the fire in your veins.

    To trudge through the deepest, blistering snow,
    As the ice stings your rosy red cheeks.
    To smell all the fireplaces burning,
    As those faint of heart retreat.

    To see your breath float on the air,
    As your toes and fingers freeze.
    And witness an icy, white blanket of snow,
    Just as far as you can see.

    The snowflakes falling harder now,
    The earth is in a blur.
    Your clothes feel damp and heavier,
    Your speech begins to slur.

    Yes, the outside is a wondrous place,
    A world of beauty and brawn.
    It's independent but so reliable.
    It's vulnerable and yet so strong.

    Remember the smell of the summer flowers,
    With bright colors all around?
    Deep green lawns and the aroma of grass,
    Trees plush with leaves abound.

    The ocean's glistening, thundering waves,
    The gritty, infinite sands.
    The forests of trees that reach up to the sky,
    The mountains that tower over the land.

    The outside world is an endless place.
    It shows us how small we can be.
    It can nurture and comfort our troubled hearts.
    It can grant us sweet moments of peace.

    If you take the time to really see,
    The outside is a glorious place.
    And how lucky we are that this Paradise,
    Is only a few steps away.

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  15. 13. Wind On The Hill

    The wind is a unique phenomenon. While we are unable to see it, we can see the result of it blowing. “Wind on the Hill” shows a child grappling with this understanding. A.A. Milne wrote books and poems for children. His most famous creation was Winnie the Pooh.

    No one can tell me,
    Nobody knows,
    Where the wind comes from,
    Where the wind goes.

    It's flying from somewhere
    As fast as it can,
    I couldn't keep up with it,
    Not if I ran.

    But if I stopped holding
    The string of my kite,
    It would blow with the wind
    For a day and a night.

    And then when I found it,
    Wherever it blew,
    I should know that the wind
    Had been going there too.

    So then I could tell them
    Where the wind goes…
    But where the wind comes from
    Nobody knows.

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    What a great poem! Life's a mystery and where the wind goes as indicated "Who knows?" And what changes are in store for our lives? Change comes to us from all directions in our lives like the...

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  16. 14. A Day Of Sunshine

    Sunny days have a way of making us feel fantastic. We want to take full advantage of what the day has to offer. Famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) captures the beauty and desire to enjoy nature on a sunny day. Sunny days can make it hard to focus on work because one would rather be outside enjoying the majesty of the natural world. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a prolific writer of prose and poetry. After graduating from college, he studied languages in Europe before becoming a college professor at Bowdoin, his alma mater, and later at Harvard.

    O gift of God! O perfect day:
    Whereon shall no man work, but play;
    Whereon it is enough for me,
    Not to be doing, but to be!

    Through every fibre of my brain,
    Through every nerve, through every vein,
    I feel the electric thrill, the touch
    Of life, that seems almost too much.

    I hear the wind among the trees
    Playing celestial symphonies;
    I see the branches downward bent,
    Like keys of some great instrument.

    And over me unrolls on high
    The splendid scenery of the sky,
    Where though a sapphire sea the sun
    Sails like a golden galleon,

    Towards yonder cloud-land in the West,
    Towards yonder Islands of the Blest,
    Whose steep sierra far uplifts
    Its craggy summits white with drifts.

    Blow, winds! and waft through all the rooms
    The snow-flakes of the cherry-blooms!
    Blow, winds! and bend within my reach
    The fiery blossoms of the peach!

    O Life and Love! O happy throng
    Of thoughts, whose only speech is song!
    O heart of man! canst thou not be
    Blithe as the air is, and as free?

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  17. 15. On The Wings Of A Song

    I write music, and one of the happiest times of my life was riding in the car and hearing one of my songs for the first time being beautifully played by a top orchestra. I feel if you can give music to people, you have given an everlasting gift. Nature has its own music, available to all who will listen.

    Poem About Nature's Music Lifting Spirits

    Once in a while, if you are feeling blue,
    When troubles seem to keep coming along,
    If you will take the time to listen to music
    It can lift your spirits on the wings of a song.

    You don't have to be in a concert hall,
    For nature provides its own symphonies.
    There are no discords in the murmuring stream,
    Or the wind as it gently hums through the trees.

    Who has not heard the frogs' cheerful concert
    When the nighttime shadows draw near?
    If you will take the time to quietly listen,
    The evening serenade of crickets you'll hear.

    There's a rhythm to the lapping waves on the shore.
    In the sky, every bird has its own melody.
    Even the mightiest humpback whale
    Sings its love songs down deep in the sea.

    It may not change the problems that you have.
    There are times when things will go wrong.
    Still, it can help bring peace to your soul
    When you lift your heart on the wings of a song...

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    It's very true. Nicely penned. Simple and clear expressions.

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  18. 16. Nightfall

    • By Marylin M. Naane
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016

    As I stood by the window one night staring into darkness and listening to night insects, my mind raced through my noisy day, and I thought how nice would it be if that kind of peace and silent beauty existed during the day, too. That was the inspiration for this poem.

    Poem About A Peaceful Night

    Yet another day passes.
    Over hills, twilight presses.
    Moon already hung up high,
    Welcoming nightfall.

    Birds flying up to their nests,
    Chirping time to rest.
    Time for peace and stillness,
    Time to restore our minds and bodies.

    As all fades into night,
    A hollow of absence of light.
    Only twinkling lights of stars,
    Sparkling in amid.

    No drama or anger lingering,
    No quarrels or crying interrupting,
    Only songs of crickets,
    Only dances of star lights.

    Oh, what a pleasant time.
    If only day were this tame,
    It would bring peace.

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    Thanks a bunch for this beautiful poem. Being an English Literature student, I really love reading poems.

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  19. 17. Omnipresent Paradise

    • By Daniel Shepherd
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016

    As a child I spent some years in a very beautiful part of Spain. This place will always be my personal paradise. This poem describes that place but also intends to remind us that beauty is everywhere and we don't need to find paradise when this earth already provides us with one.

    Beauty To Behold

    Irregular at every post,
    Every ridge and every fold,
    The contour of every coast,
    There is beauty to behold.

    The light from the sun,
    The smile on a child's face so bold
    While basking in innocent fun,
    There is beauty to behold.

    For every grain of sand,
    Pine cones define the perfect mold,
    Umbrellas shelter the land,
    There is beauty to behold.

    Bound by a drop to the sea,
    Light reflecting ripples of gold,
    Cliffs so sheer in their intricacy,
    There is beauty to behold.

    With each day that goes by,
    Octopuses dwell deep in the cold,
    Flying fish dive into the sky,
    There is beauty to behold.

    Paradise is everywhere,
    One need not be told,
    Free for us all to share,
    There is beauty to behold.

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  20. 18. Forest Delights

    Many feel interwoven with something far greater than themselves while in a forest but don't understand why. Perhaps, we've forgotten the instincts that told us we're not above nature but are bound to it like all other life on Earth. We are responsible for destroying vast areas of forests, damaging Earth's environment, and killing thousands of other species, as we greedily consume Earth's finite resources. We must remember to walk lightly on Earth like other creatures do or risk losing it all.

    Feeling Connected To The Forests And Nature

    Leaves fluttering on a gentle breeze,
    Within the forest of whispering trees,
    Makes sunlight gracefully dance there,
    Upon the ground and everywhere.
    Dappling streams with sparkling light,
    Catching the colors of birds in flight,
    Giving flowers a lovely surreal glow,
    Rousing our spirits with nature's show.

    Nightfall gives the forest a mysterious allure
    As trees become shadows of what they were;
    Soon a chorus arises deep in forest thickets,
    From the croaking frogs and chirping crickets,
    Blending in the whip-poor-wills' lonely calls,
    With the owls' echoing pleas in forest halls,
    As fireflies scatter light upon a dark palette,
    All beneath the mystic forest's starlit coverlet.

    Nature's melodic sounds are sure to enthrall,
    As life's songs peal within a forest cathedral.
    Nature adds the wind's timbre with a breeze,
    Or the rain's resonating rhythm through leaves.
    Merging with rippling sounds of forest streams,
    All serenading restless minds into daydreams
    That comforts those who seek refuge there.
    If only they'll listen while in the forest's care.

    Thoughts become gentle among natural sights,
    While our spirits entwine with forest delights,
    Enticing us to hear life's natural gifts of mirth,
    Inviting us to see the wondrous beauty of Earth,
    As nature stirs feelings some cannot determine;
    Yet, the subtle answers lie in a forest's sermon,
    Urging us to listen to instincts we once knew,
    To walk lightly on Earth as other creatures do.

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    This poem touches my heart deeply because I enjoy practicing/learning/enjoying/reading/memorizing descriptive poems (in this case about nature's beauties), especially when the words fill the...

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  21. 19. A Little Peace And Quiet

    Life comes at us at times, from different directions, keeping one constantly occupied. It's why I treasure quiet moments. I love to take them as much as I can, when generously offered in the beauty of God's creation.

    Finding Tranquility

    Where my heart truly lies
    Is in the beauty of a simple life,
    In a little peace and quiet,
    Slower pace and lesser strife.

    Where I'd find time to walk
    Leisurely down a winding road,
    Strolling in the woods, savoring
    Each unfolding scenic episode.

    Where I'd find time to sit
    And nestle by the almond tree,
    Feeling its quiet windy whispers
    As it gently cuddles me.

    Where I'd find time to stand
    Quietly behind the windowpane,
    Cradling a mug, watching the world
    Showered with a gentle rain.

    Where I'd find time to catch
    The sparkling poise of a firefly
    And lounge in the serene canopy
    Of a star-speckled velvet sky.

    Just a little peace and quiet,
    In between life's hectic pace...
    And I find my soul better aligned,
    Filled with sweet solace.

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  22. 20. Ethereal Skies

    I am always awed by how delicately beautiful the sky is. There's something about it that makes me feel hopeful, that makes me feel like despite everything, it will all be okay in the end.

    The Beauty Of The Sky

    It's ethereal,
    the way the sky paints itself.

    Some days,
    it is a crystal blue,
    clear and serene,
    As if spring had come and never left.

    Some days,
    it is a raging gold and orange,
    fierce and brave,
    as if passion itself was set ablaze.

    And some days,
    it is a mournful grey,
    somber and morose,
    as if weeping for the world it looks upon.

    But I love those skies
    that look like they're singing you a lullaby.

    Those skies that glow with the spectrum
    after troubled storms.
    Those velvet skies
    that are hued with shades that exist
    outside our meager imagination.
    Those ethereal skies
    that make me think
    of cherry blossoms and butterflies.

    And when I stop for a moment
    to look up at the heavens,
    I am filled with wonder.
    Because these skies,
    they fill me with hope
    and reignite those romanticized ideals
    that have run aground
    in the sands of tedium and monotony.

    And I know that someday
    when this world is gone and washed away,
    these skies will still remain
    with our wishes painted on.

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    I am a lover of literature. Poems on love and nature are welcome! Thanks a lot.

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