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    • Posted on 06/02/15
    Mother Daughter Poem

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    seems like yesterday my dream come true
    there come a baby girl that was you
    we all have a path in life to travel
    you were along my path my little angel

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  • Empty Arms

    • Published: December 2007
    Death Of A Baby Poem

    in Baby Death Poems

    Holding out these empty arms
    Cursing my disillusionment
    Why did I imagine it could be any other way
    that I could have been content, dreams that's all it was,

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    I lost my son on Oct 26 2008 I felt like my world would end

  • Lessons From Nature

    • Published: December 2007
    Mindfulness With Nature

    in Beauty of Nature Poems

    I watch the waves crash in, breaking on the shore
    All their anger dispensed on the oceans floor
    I look at the sky so blue, sun shining so bright
    Spreading heat and happiness with its blinding light

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    Today is the world environment day, As I love and protect our environment, I like to read poems on environment and I searched, so jubilant to see , I found this nicely fabricated impressive...

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  • The Love I Feel

    • Published: December 2007

    in Passionate Love Poems

    To hold you close to have you near
    To have my breath against your ear
    Whispering the words I long to say
    Being able to show you my passion in that special way,

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  • Life As I See It

    • Published: August 2008
    Depression Poem About Life

    in Depression Poems

    Life is a bitter sweet pill
    I am forced to take against my will
    Everyone trying to pull me
    Back into so called reality...

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    This brought tears to my eyes. I suffer from depression.. I constantly think of suicide. There does not seem to be a reason to continue, yet I wake up every morning in fear that it would only...

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