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    Poems by Sarah Boston

  • Lost

    • Published: August 2009
    Poem About A Dying Soul

    in Crying Poems

    The darkness surrounds me.
    It's getting so cold.
    I'm all alone
    With no one to hold.


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    Don't feel bad. I had the same thing that has happened to me as well. I have always been picked on and teased my whole life. I would come home from school crying almost every day...

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  • Depression Is Never Ending

    • Published: February 2008
    Wanting Depression To Go Away

    in Dark Poems

    Depression is here every day,
    And it never goes away.
    Go away! I yell into the dark,
    As if someone is there.


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    Ok love, look. I know how it feels when you're so young but you only feel like ending it. I've been there, and I wanna tell you something, and it's the most cliche thing to say. Get help, and...

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