Crying Poems

Crying Poems

Poems about Crying Inside and Feeling Sad

Everybody cries sometimes, and if you don't you should. Crying is a natural way of letting go of pent up emotions. It is sad fact that many children are shamed for crying. Adults who are led to believe that crying is not OK may repress their feeling of sadness. Emotions that are not allowed to release tend to leak out in other areas of their lives. The ability to express our emotions whether alone or in communication to others is necessary for a happy life.

Poems about Pain and Suffering

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  1. Tears

    • By Margaret A. Collins
    • Published: February 2006

    I saw my brother cry today.
    He seemed five years old
    It did not seem to me that he was six feet tall.
    He lost a thing he treasured,

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    I love this. I am going to the army, and I hear my brother cry at night. Sometimes he begs me not to go, but I want to help people, and this is how I want to do it. I just feel bad. I do not...

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  3. The Way In Which We Cry

    The Healing Power Of Crying

    Do we cry to heal ourselves?
    Do we cry simply to shed a tear?
    Is it because we just can?
    Or because that certain person isn't here?

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  4. Tears, Tears Go Away

    • By Stephany Manfull
    • Published: July 2013
    Poem About Reminders Of The Past

    Tears, tears go away.
    Why must you come back almost every day?
    You remind me of my pain.
    You remind me of my past.

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    You're definitely not alone in your suffering. Like you, I was abused by my stepfather and an uncle and have struggled daily to deal with the pain. I was in the third grade when mine started...

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  6. Lost

    Poem About A Dying Soul

    The darkness surrounds me.
    It's getting so cold.
    I'm all alone
    With no one to hold.

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    Don't feel bad. I had the same thing that has happened to me as well. I have always been picked on and teased my whole life. I would come home from school crying almost every day...

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  7. Wondering Why Am I Here

    I lay in bed alone at night and wonder why I'm here.
    I do so much for everyone.
    Why don't they show they care?
    I met this girl who said she loved me,

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    I've asked myself and others the same thing. Why am I here? I put on so many disguises that I didn't know who I was. I have tried many time to commit suicide, and the last time I attempted it...

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  8. Broken Wings

    • By Kat S
    • Published: April 2014
    Poem About Being Trapped With Broken Memories

    Wings of wax will melt and fall apart,
    But what if they are a true reflection of what's in my heart?
    Weak, easily discouraged, and without pride,
    My escape to freedom denied

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    All alone in the black abyss, tell me how it's led to this. I keep on smiling day by day, hoping suddenly the pain will go away. With bloodshot eyes, I turn to see you with someone that...

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  10. Forever Stagnant In Our Minds

    • By Rosanna
    • Published: August 2014
    Effects Of Abuse On Relationships

    Like an apple that has fallen from our tree,
    my soul is rotting and I've taken you down with me.
    Deep in the emotions of my misery
    are the feelings that cannot ever seem to be set free.

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  11. Let It Rain

    Embracing Hardships And Letting Go

    Clouds of thunder, pouring rain,
    The hurt I feel, the throbbing pain.
    Droplets trickling down my face.
    Shall rain give me this one embrace?

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    The description of the hostile environment reflects the suffering human soul. That is the beauty of this short poem.

  12. The Heart

    • By Veronda Starling
    • Published: April 2015
    Poem About The Power Of The Heart

    My heart felt what is shouldn't.
    It gave when it couldn't,
    Believed in many things
    When I wouldn't.

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    I get so mad at my mother. She doesn't understand me. She tells that I am fat and slapped me a couple of times. I am chubby. I am 12 years old, 5' 3.5" and I weight about 135 pounds. So yes,...

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  13. Tears

    • By Kumar Ankit
    • Published: June 2015
    Poem About The Saga Of Tears

    These are not tears...
    They are the soul of my heart
    and along with them bears
    all my feelings and pain;

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