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    Poems by Sarah H.

  • Deafening Silence

    • Published: April 2014
    Poem To A Friend Suffering Pain And Depression

    in Alone Poems by Teens


    I look deep into your eyes
    but all I see are lies
    where there was hurt and suffering
    there's now a black hole of nothing

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    I've been dealing with depression for the past three years and suicide is a big thing for me. Thank you, this poem means a lot!

  • A Smile Conceals The Tears Inside

    • Published: December 2013
    Poem About Heartbreak And Letting Go

    in Heartbreak Poems by Teens

    Every day is the same old thing.
    Seeing you with her makes my heart sting.
    The way your eyes look at her with desire,
    I feel as though my whole world is on fire.

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    I fell in love with him at first sight when he was hanging out with my nephew. It was like I had butterflies in my stomach. When I was around him I couldn't breathe. We did everything...

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