Hurting Poems by Teens - Poems that Make you Cry

Hurting Poems by Teens - Poems that Make you Cry

Poems about Feeling Alone, Hurting and Sad

When a person is feeling hurt, it is important that they share their feelings with their friends. One of the best ways to process feelings is to share them with friends. Many people are under the mistaken notion that they should not share feelings of sadness because it will bring down the moods of others. This may be true. However, more often than not, we may be able to offer comfort to each other and our friendship will become deeper through the process.

153 Poems about Pain and Hurt

  1. 1. Can Anybody Hear Me?

    I wrote this poem while crying at night and unable to go to sleep. Simply writing down my feelings calmed me. I was angry at myself for being so shy that I had isolated myself from those who loved me. I felt isolated, alone, and invisible. I didn't feel like anyone understood who I really was. I felt hurt because no one really took the time to get to know me. The ones who preached friendship to me ignored me... even on my birthday. Thank God, He is my comforter. And I had His Word that night.

    Poem About The Hurt Of Being Isolated And Alone

    I want someone to hold me,
    But I'm the only one here.
    I want someone to listen to me,
    But I'm the only ear.

    Can anybody hear me?
    Does anybody care?
    Does anybody even know
    I'm dealing with despair?

    There are voices in my mind
    Saying I should die.
    Will anybody even tell me
    They're only just a lie?

    Does anybody love me?
    Would they shed a tear?
    Would anybody even care
    If I were to disappear?

    The ones who preach friendship
    Have left me all alone.
    The ones who are not here
    Promised not to let me go.

    Can anybody see me?
    Does anybody care?
    Does anybody even know
    The burden that I bear?

    I've built up this wall
    To hide who I am,
    And now that I need help,
    I'm alone behind it all.

    Can you see the real me?
    Will you even try?
    Can you even tell I need
    A break in the wall tonight?

    I'm crying all alone,
    Not sure what to do.
    Please just let me know
    That at least I still have you.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I've been the same way, but you are never alone. God is there for you, Your friends and family care, even if they don't know the best way to show it. People are there to help you; you just...

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  3. 2. My Apology To Me

    • By Natasha Underwood
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2012

    This is a poem about me and my life and how I've been betrayed by the ones I loved the most. Throughout the poem I'm apologizing to the ones I've mentioned in the poem, although they've clearly been the ones who have done wrong. It's to the guy I lost my virginity to, to my mom who neglects me, to the guy who molested me, the friends who left me, and to me for being my worst enemy.

    This is to the guy that I went out of my way to get noticed by,
    The one I trusted, the one who told me lies,
    The one who made me feel like I was the only one,
    The one who was through with me when the sex was done,
    The one who made me feel like I was impossible to love,
    The one who called me over when he just wanted to bust,
    The one who made it clear I'm not the girl he wanted me to be.
    I tried and I failed, so this is my apology.

    This is to the one who gave me life, the one who gave me birth,
    The one who complains and looks at me like I'm the worst thing on the earth,
    The one who emotionally beats me down,
    The one who's supposed to lift me up from the ground,
    The one who's supposed to bring to my face nothing but smiles and laughs,
    The one who brings everything that is the opposite of that,
    The one who constantly compares me to others,
    The one who makes it so difficult to love her,
    The one who says I'm not the daughter she expected me to be.
    I understand that, and this is my apology

    This is to the sick man who crept into my room,
    The one who gave me those thoughts of ending it soon.
    The one who lied and said I was crazy in the head,
    The one who had denied creeping into my bed,
    The one who left me scarred for life,
    The one who is responsible for my silent cries at night,
    The one who says I've changed his life
    'Cause I've caused problems between him and his wife,
    The one who said I should have kept quiet, I should have just let things be.
    He's right, nothing positive came from it, so this is my apology.

    This is to my friends who say I do nothing but complain,
    The ones who left because they say I've changed,
    The ones who didn't stick around in my time of need,
    The ones who gave me more of a reason to grieve.
    I understand I'm not that girl I used to be,
    And for that, this is my apology.

    This is to the girl with the low self-esteem,
    The girl who cries so terribly,
    The one with the forced and fake smile,
    The one who hasn't been happy for a while,
    The one who's afraid to trust any man,
    The one who's afraid to let anyone in, 
    The one who's passed up many chances at love
    Because she finds people hard to trust,
    The one that was robbed of her purity and self-esteem.
    This is to the girl I'm embarrassed to be.
    This is my apology to me.

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    The poem reached right into my and soul. I can identify with this girl's horror, as it happened to me at the age of only 11 years old by my eldest sibling. He told me not to say anything or I...

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  5. 3. Just My Mask

    This is a poem about my day-to-day life. I go through my days, pretending nothing is wrong. I am protecting my family and friends from what I feel. Every time they ask how I am, I always reply, "Fine." I never am fine, never good or well. I wear a mask of happiness and joy so they won't suspect the depth or severity of my pain.

    Pretending To Be Okay

    Of course I'm fine, why do you ask?
    Oh, don't mind this, it's just my mask.
    It hides the grief, it hides the strife.
    I wear this mask to escape the knife.

    Don't forget this, my pain is real.
    I'm not lying, this is how I feel.
    You sit there saying it can't be true.
    It is for me, just not for you.

    You say my heart must be a sight,
    Cold as ice and black as night.
    It's not my heart, only my soul,
    But killing me must be your goal.

    You're getting close, I hope you know.
    You really don't have far to go.
    Soon enough I'll reach my end.
    You'll have my soul to tear and rend.

    But you don't know, you never ask.
    You never look beyond the mask.
    The look on my face is giving me away.
    I wonder now, what will you say?

    You've asked me here; you'll know now.
    I'll take it off, I'll take a bow...
    I can't do it now, tell you the truth.
    I must keep up my pretense of youth.

    "Of course I'm fine, why do you ask?
    Oh, don't mind this, it's just my mask."

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    Latest Shared Story

    Thank you for your story.

    When I was nine years old, I was raped. And it continued for two years. I never told anyone because the man threatened to hurt my family. When I wrote this...

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  6. 4. Imagine

    • By Shelby S.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2013

    This poem touches on feeling alone. I've felt all these things in this poem and felt like there was nobody who understood or cared. I felt like I had to face things on my own. This work takes a turn for the depressing, but hopefully it will show all you beautiful people that you are not alone. Others have felt these things and will always be there for you.

    Nobody Understands Me

    Imagine yourself
    Alone in your head.
    You're hanging, dangling
    From a silver thread.

    Empty, alone
    With the monsters within.
    Internally screaming,
    You just want to give in.

    Now imagine that's you
    Every day, every hour.
    Forever sinking
    Like a wilting flower.

    You try to tell your dad
    And you try to tell your mom,
    But they say you're being silly,
    You've just got to move on.

    Because teens don't know sorrow
    Nor the hardships of life.
    They're just kids with imaginations
    Just looking for attention, right?

    You think that there's none
    Who knows how you feel.
    You're just so alone,
    But the feelings- they're real.


    But mostly

    And you're friends,
    They go on
    Like nothing has changed.

    "They must not care,"
    Your thoughts whisper,
    The lies in your brain.

    You can't escape it,
    Trapped in your own skin.
    You're ugly,
    You're hated,
    But you mask it with a grin.

    You hate what you feel,
    So instead you feel nothing.
    Your insides are numb,
    Your confidence crumbling.

    You look to other things
    To stop the pain.
    Cutting, pills,
    But it gives you no gain.

    And the people around you
    Shout abuse your way.
    "You're hurting yourself, stop it!"
    That's all they ever say.

    No matter how you plead
    That you're broken inside,
    They turn the other way,
    They run, they hide.

    They say you're just foolish,
    It's all in your head.
    What they don't know is inside
    You're already dead.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem is really amazing. I am 13. My mother never understands my feeling. I find it very hard to understand what I am feeling. Actually, I do know it deep down but refuse to accept it...

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  7. 5. Help Me

    It's about needing a friend, a real one. Of course, I have real friends, but like many teenagers, I don't have friends who understand me. That's basically what I'm trying to say in my poem.

    Be My Friend

    Hear my cries. I need your help.
    Please come save me from myself.

    Be my friend, a guiding light.
    Give me strength to do what's right.

    Find my heart. I've lost my way.
    Tell me I will be okay.

    Feel my pain and catch my tears.
    Help me conquer all these fears.

    Let my silence speak to you.
    Find some way to help me through.

    Put yourself into my shoes.
    And just like me, you'll be confused.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I love this poem. I'm 17 years old, and I also feel that way. Yes, I have a lot of friends, but no one understands.

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  8. 6. Forget

    I wrote this while going through a tough breakup in high school.

    Poem About Wanting To Forget The Past

    I wish I could forget...
    Forget all the tears and pain,
    Forget all the hurt and shame,
    Forget all the things of my past,
    Because like most, they didn't last.
    Forget the memories of your face.
    It's wrapped around my heart like intricate lace.
    Forget all the times you made me mad,
    But I would have to forget all the fun we had.
    I want to forget the joy you made me feel,
    The joy that, to me, felt so real.
    I want to forget the grip you had on my heart,
    A grip so tight that it broke us apart.
    I want to forget the tears that I still cry,
    Because I see you in their eyes.

    I want to forget everything about you.
    I don't want to have a clue.
    I want to forget everything in my past,
    Because if I don't,
    I know my future will pass.

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    Isabelle K, I know how you feel. My biological dad gave up his rights when I was a baby. I'm now 11, almost 12. My biological dad had other things he wanted to do in life and being a dad...

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  9. 7. I Feel So Lost

    • By Alexsys
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2014

    This is basically describing the turmoil I feel every day, and I'm just so tired at this point. I'm losing hope. I'm losing my will to go on. This is my final cry for help. But I hope that by sharing this with others it will help someone. Don't ignore the signs. Things aren't always what they seem.

    Crying Out For Help

    I'm not sure when it started or why it is so strong.
    On the outside I seem happy. No one thinks anything's wrong.
    But on the inside I am dying, screaming for someone to see
    That the happy smile and carefree laugh is not the real me.
    I've never been happy, not that I can recall.
    Between the world and myself I've built up a wall.
    I don't know why I'm like this; it makes no sense to me.
    I actually come from a very close and loving family.
    But even they have no idea of the hell I endure.
    They think I'm happy and normal; of this I am sure.
    I can't take it much longer; I can't live like this!
    I want to feel truly happy; that is my biggest wish.
    I need help, but who will help me? Who could comprehend?
    Is there anyone out there who can help bring this to an end?
    Or am I simply trapped, a prisoner of despair?
    Am I really all alone? Is there no hope for me out there?
    I'm so lost; please help me! I can't do this alone!
    I need someone in my corner, a friend to call my own.
    Please help me.

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    I live with someone who has BPD. AND there is that feeling of loneliness when you feel you're the only one going through a situation. It's a life saver to have friends...any friends even just...

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  10. 8. You Love Her

    • By Lauren
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015

    I still love my ex, but he has a new girl now.

    Poem About Wanting To Be With Ex

    I love you, but you love her.
    I still remember what we were.
    I still cherish what we used to be.
    I still remember when you loved me.

    I need you, but you need her.
    She's the one you prefer.
    She's the one you hold dear.
    She's the one I wish would disappear.

    I want you, but you want her.
    Can't believe you're with another.
    Can't believe we are through.
    Can't believe you've found someone new.

    Now that all is said,
    Now that all is done,
    You're with her instead.
    Good for her, she's won.

    Poem About Wanting To Be With Ex, You Love Her

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    Thanks so much for this poem! This is a repeatedly tantalizing experience so frequently occurring to lovers in the world; you love someone who usually loves someone else and pays not much...

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  11. 9. The True Me

    • By Jessica S. Bauzon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019

    Every day, I hide behind a smile. No one knows how I feel inside. At school, my classmates have new bags, shoes, toys...I never got those luxuries. I feel so alone, like no one understands.

    No One Knowing How You Feel

    Why do you stand around and watch me cry?
    Don't you see me in the corner of your eye?
    I'm in so much pain, don't you see?
    Why do you just stare and watch me bleed?

    Nobody knows me; I feel so alone.
    They don't see what talents I've shown.
    Why doesn't anyone truly understand?
    I just want to be part of your band.

    Nobody cares that I always cry.
    It makes me feel like I wanna die.
    I just ask one question of you.
    Why do you do the things that you do?

    I just want to make people smile,
    To stop the pain and sadness for a while.
    Nobody sees the things that I do...
    Nobody knows the me that's true.

    The true me stays forever hidden.
    I only reveal it when using my ball-pen.
    Everyone says the real me is weird.
    It's like the true me has been sheared.

    Why do I feel the way that I feel?
    Because of those who make my nightmares real.
    My friends and family don't know at all
    Right now I just wanna curl into a ball.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Never change your originality
    For the sake of others
    Because no one else can play your role
    Better than you
    So be yourself
    You are the best

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  12. 10. Broken

    • By Alexandria Satterley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2015

    This poem is about feeling hopeless: that nobody cares or will help you, that all the pieces are left behind or lost. It's a cry for help. Will you be the one to help me in the end?

    Poem About Feeling Hopeless

    I am broken,
    But nobody picks up the pieces.
    I'm falling,
    But nobody catches me.
    I'm in the dark,
    But nobody brings me a light.
    I'm alone,
    But nobody is there to change that.
    I need to be saved,
    But nobody is there to save me.
    Will you be the one to change that?
    Will you save me from myself?
    Bring me a light in the dark?
    Catch me when I'm falling?
    Pick up the pieces of me that everybody has left behind?
    Prove to me that I'm not alone?
    Will you save me?!?

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem is really touching. It describes how a depressed person feels. When you look at the world, it seems like you are alone because no one understands you.

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  13. 11. No One Will Ever Understand

    • By Jenna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    This poem describes my life. I am a sophomore in high school, and it seems like everywhere I go people refer to me as the "perfect" girl. They describe me as "the athletic one" or "the Asian one" or "the girl with pretty hair." It seems like no one cares about my opinion. Or my life. They only care about getting dirt on me. Or watching my "fairy tale rich girl" life from the side. If someone would take the time, they'd learn how poor my family really is. How imperfect my life is.

    You Don't See The Real Me

    You think you understand me?
    I can hear you speak, you see?

    You go on about my perfect life.
    You have no idea of the pain and the strife.

    You don't know about how I stress.
    Worried to know if you'll like the way I dress.

    Worried to know if you'll see past my look.
    To find out it I like sports, hugs, or books.

    All you see is the careless look I show.
    So you automatically know me? No.

    You only see the sarcasm, and the "I don't care"
    You only see perfect clothes and hair.

    You don't take the time to find out my fears.
    Which is why every night ends in tears.

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    Latest Shared Story

    God I've never found a poem or any piece that could describe exactly how I feel before THIS. It felt like I was reading my own work. Now I know I'm not alone. Keep writing! :)) xx

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  14. 12. The Fall

    • By Marie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I wrote this out of anger. I had just gotten into a fight with my mom. She makes me feel really bad about myself sometimes, and I needed to have some sort of relief, so I decided to write. It always makes me feel better.

    Poem After A Fight With My Mom

    I don't know why I bother to try;
    even though I know you'll never be satisfied.
    I'm not what you want, and I'm not what you need,
    but you're twisting and turning my reality.
    I'm lost in the shuffle,
    buried with my troubles.
    You're killing my emotions and losing my trust,
    and you look at me with a sense of disgust.
    This is my world, and you are my fear.
    I think things would be better without you near.
    I'm losing myself and cowering down to you.
    You're words, they are permanent to me, just like a tattoo.
    You're always right behind me, pushing me way too far.
    Cut me open, see the pattern of my scars.
    All these people that think they're so tough,
    try being reminded that you're never good enough.
    You're killing me slowly, and I'm almost dead.
    I imagine you smile as you drift off to bed.
    This isn't right, this isn't fair.
    It's nothing, I don't expect you to care.
    I'll paint this world with my list of regrets.
    I'll burn this city with my ashes and I'll forget
    that you weren't there.
    And maybe I'll be saved from this horrid despair.
    I know who's right and I know who's wrong,
    but you'll figure it out once I'm finally gone.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I was always considered the black sheep in my family because I looked at the world differently, so I was judged. I was raised in a Christian home but I couldn't understand why you would...

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  15. 13. A Promise For The Better

    • By Keanu
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    A life sustained without a father and a promise made to never make his same mistake, the mistake of leaving the side of his son.

    Poem About Pain From The Past

    I live within the present,
    But am stuck within the past.
    I look toward the future,
    With hopes that never last.
    I seek consolation,
    And truth from all the lies.
    The thoughts that plague my being,
    As such as I despise.
    My heart weighs heavy with things that I desire,
    Yet these wishful thinkings shall never be acquired.
    They say that time heals all past wounds,
    If this be so, then why am I still consumed?
    I hope that one day these feelings shall subside,
    Until I start a new life ideal within my eyes.
    And if it be that I am blessed with a child I call mine,
    I swear to thee and promise thee to stand by till the end of time.

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  16. 14. Pick Me Up

    • By Shubhani Syal
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2016

    I wrote this because my best friend betrayed me, my boyfriend left me, and my mom didn't even have time to listen or see me as I fell into a deep darkness and nearly retreated to my cutting tendencies.

    Poem About Being Left Alone And Hurting

    I sit here wondering why I still breathe,
    When pain consumes me and I'm dying.
    You were supposed to be my support,
    The one to hold me, not leave me alone.
    Sitting now, my tears slip out of control.
    I held it in so long, but no more.

    You said you loved me,
    You said you cared,
    So why'd you leave me
    In the middle of nowhere?
    Like a fool waiting for you,
    Believing your lies were true.

    Nothing is left to do
    As I fall into depression.
    Deeper and deeper,
    Further than rock bottom,
    Holding on to hope you'll catch me,
    When I know I'm just free-falling,

    So come now, please come now.
    At least pick up
    The broken pieces of me
    Piercing me in heart.
    I need you fast,
    And if you can't catch me,
    At least pick me up.

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  17. 15. Tears

    • By Jordan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    This is my first poem I have ever written, and it means something more to me that just a poem. My parents divorced when I was 4 because of drugs and because my older brother and I were taken away from them. My father is dead now; he was murdered 8 months ago. The woman who killed him isn't in jail. We have yet to go to the cops and file a real report and take her to court. I cut myself now because I'm dealing with so much pain.

    A Strong Girl Never Cries

    Walking through the rain,
    I try to forget the pain.
    I try to ignore the sting in my eyes,
    because I know a strong girl never cries.
    I begin to run, run from my fears.
    But I am followed by my ever-present tears.
    I want to leave these familiar places,
    leave behind all of these frequent faces.
    But where will I go?
    What will I do?
    All I know is I have to get far away from you.
    But something keeps me here,
    crying one last tear.

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    Latest Shared Story

    In his first poem, Jordan has exposed his inner feelings so effectively that I feel like developing a strong bond between us. Not because I have undergone the same experiences but because of...

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  18. 16. What Happened?

    • By Mikel Roberson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019

    I wrote this a few years ago and just found it today. I added some more onto it. I wrote this when I was in a really deep depression, although I still am. My cousin took her life on 2/16/2017, and since she did, I've been struggling a lot. This poem is really important to me, and I just want to share it with people.

    Being Broken

    What happened to me,
    The one I used to be?
    Now, when I look at my reflection,
    I'm filled with recollection
    Of when I was happy and alive,
    Loving life and able to thrive.

    Now I'm filled with sorrow,
    Wondering if I'll make it past tomorrow.
    Just looking for a friend
    Who won't lead me to the end.
    My life has been really tough,
    And I know I've had enough.

    Been called too many names.
    I think I've lost at my own game.
    My life has been ripped apart,
    And I'm struggling to make a brand-new start.
    My parents never taught me about this.
    They told me that life was just pure bliss.

    I don't deserve to be happy, I know,
    But you don't have to keep reminding me so.
    Everyone thinks I'm the girl who can't frown,
    But I'm only this close to letting myself drown.
    I feel my tears in my eyes flow.
    I lost myself long ago.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Being deeply sad and depressed can weigh on a person like nothing else. This poem reminds me of my own experiences and of the loneliness that sometimes washes over me when I feel like I'm...

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  19. 17. I Wish I Could Cry

    • By Amanda
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2012

    A poem about wishing you could cry and give in to your emotions when for some reason you can't.

    I just wish I could break down,
    let it all out, finally be found.

    I'm tired of hiding from what hurts;
    either way, I still feel like dirt.

    I hate the fact that I can't cry.
    Day by day I'll sit and try.

    But it's all somewhere inside,
    refusing to come out, choosing to hide.

    If I could only show my true feelings,
    my head might stop its constant drilling.

    How great it would be to relax,
    look forward to the future and forget about the past.

    When will it happen? I don't know,
    but I'm ready for this moment, let the pain show.

    How much is it going to take
    for me to finally give in and let my wall break.

    One day I'll look up and stare at the sky
    and fully break down, finally feel myself cry.

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    Latest Shared Story

    A very, very nice poem. Thanks for writing and sharing. Sometimes emotions get buried in the heart and refuse to come out. You remain unaware of these buried emotions whether it's pain, hurt,...

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  20. 18. Broken Dreams

    • By Sabb
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2010

    I wrote this poem when I was depressed. I often write poems to express my feelings.

    Drowning in a darkness
    Of deep despair
    Believing the lies I hear
    And seeing truths not there

    See the rays of sunlight
    They shine upon your scars
    Reaching for that broken smile
    Among the hidden stars

    Hearing the tear drops
    Falling from your eyes
    Believe my hidden secrets
    And tell my stolen lies

    Bring me to the surface
    Give me air to breathe
    Let me see the sorrow
    Upon my broken dreams

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    Latest Shared Story

    I know how you feel. I'm sorry you feel like that because I know what you're going through. I'm trying to become better myself. People don't understand EMO'S like myself...

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  21. 19. The Lies She Told

    • By Mika Wright
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2013
    Poem About Hiding Your Depression

    When she smiles and laughs,
    It no longer sounds hollow,
    For she has learned
    To mask her sorrow.
    She's so uncertain
    Of why she is sad.
    Her life is fine now.
    Why does it hurt so bad?
    Tears won't fall.
    She forgot how to cry.
    Most of the time
    She just wants to die.
    She's obsessed with this concept
    That skinny is perfect.
    She pukes if she eats
    Just trying to feel worth it.
    She looks in the mirror
    And hates what she sees.
    She slices her skin
    Screaming, "I don't wanna be me!"
    But by tomorrow
    No one will know
    She'll smile and laugh.
    The scars won't show.
    They think she is better.
    They couldn't be more wrong.
    She plays the part well.
    They think she is strong.
    Now and again
    Someone sees past her mask.
    They study her face
    And quietly ask.
    She looks back smiling
    And she says, "I'm fine,"
    But the sad truth is
    She always lies.

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  22. 20. No One Knows Me

    • By Caitlin Glaspell
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    This story is special to me. It is about me and my life.

    No one will ever truly know me.
    How can they when they never even try?
    Because I smile, they assume I am happy.

    No one knows me.
    I hide behind a mask.
    They just never did get it.

    No one knows me.
    It is a difficult task.
    Always there for people, but they are never truly there for me.

    No one knows me.
    Friendships, I have many.
    If I do, why do I still feel alone in this world?

    No one knows me.
    I guess it is just a curse.
    They wouldn't understand.

    No one knows me.
    They wouldn't care.
    They would call it a teenage phase.

    The emotionless mask will be up forevermore,
    waiting for someone to take it off of me.
    No one will ever truly know me.

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    I have never been able to be myself. Everyone thinks I'm happy, but I'm not. I hide alone and pretend to be doing something else. I can't cry; if do i'll be caught. I have to pull myself...

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