Hurting Poems by Teens

Poems by Teens who are Hurt

When a person is feeling hurt, it is important that they share their feelings with their friends. One of the best ways to process feelings is to share them with friends. Many people are under the mistaken notion that they should not share feelings of sadness because it will bring down the moods of others. This may be true. However, more often than not, we may be able to offer comfort to each other and our friendship will become deeper through the process.


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  1. I Feel So Lost

    I'm not sure when it started, or why it is so strong.
    On the outside I seem happy. No one thinks anything's wrong.
    But on the inside I am dying, screaming for someone to see
    That the happy smile and carefree laugh is not the real me....

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    I am Olivia Albert-Putman. I am younger than most people think. I will not publicize my age, but I can share my story. I know what is like to feel pain. At this age I have felt more pain than...

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  3. The Girl That Nobody Knows

    • By Amanda R
    • Published: March 2013

    There is a girl that everyone knows
    Beautiful grin, no worries or woes
    Laugh is one you'll never forget
    She's living in her past debt...

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    I'm known as the silent but deadly one in my family. I keep all my feelings on the inside, hidden from everyone else behind a smile or a glare and no one knows the real pain I go through each...

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  4. Hope

    Poem About Hoping For Another Chance

    I hope for another chance,
    I hope for you to one day be mine,
    I hope you can forgive me for what I've done,
    I hope you will start trying,

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  6. Mixed Feelings

    • By Annie
    • Published: January 2012
    A Dark Poem of Pain

    Did you enjoy my pain?
    Was it fun to watch me fall?
    You where the reason why I became this way
    Everyday, my life is tormented by nightmares, ...

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    I know exactly how this feels and I can definitely relate to it.... It's everywhere... I never know if my voice is loud enough for anyone to hear that I need help... Maybe someone will help...

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  7. Someone New

    To Feel The Pain

    Sometimes I cut myself
    Just to feel the pain
    Then I hide my scars
    Because of all the shame...

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    Last October my step grandfather sexually abused me. A few days later I couldn't help but to tell. I had to save the kids around me. When I came out and told, My whole family on my dad's side...

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  8. Mirror Imagery

    Glittering eyes, full of smiles
    Happy and proud all the way around
    Never shad a tear, never scream out in fear
    Never shown any signs of disappointment...

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    I find the poem describing me. I laugh a lot, smile a lot and hide the real me. Many ask what really am I thinking because I never express my feelings to people, not even my mom. I try...

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  10. If Only Walls Could Talk

    • By Bonnie Reed
    • Published: November 2014

    If only walls could talk;
    They'd tell you about me,
    And how they hear me scream,
    And watch me while I bleed....

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    Honestly as I read through this it made me think over my life. I can relate to this so much. It hurts knowing others feel the same way. I never know how to get my word out there but with this...

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  11. Tourture

    • By Rachel Ulloa
    • Published: November 2013
    Poem About Feeling Scared And Alone

    Imagine an endless darkness
    where the air is filled with pain,
    where there are endless cries of torture,
    where good is always in vain....

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  12. The Colors Of My Life

    • By Victoria Stewart
    • Published: April 2013

    The night black,
    Just like your soul,
    And now because of you I'm no longer whole,

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    I want to hurt with you. And for you. You sound amazing and you're inspirational. Thanks!!!

  13. She Is Now Free

    • By Ana Cole
    • Published: March 2012

    Little girl,
    loved and cared for,
    little girl,
    had a good life,...

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    I have a brother who abuses us and I don't think I will be free until I put a bullet through his brain.......good poem by the way

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