Hurting Poems by Teens

Poems by Teens Who are Feeling Hurt and Pain

When a person is feeling hurt, it is important that they share their feelings with their friends. One of the best ways to process feelings is to share them with friends. Many people are under the mistaken notion that they should not share feelings of sadness because it will bring down the moods of others. This may be true. However, more often than not, we may be able to offer comfort to each other and our friendship will become deeper through the process.

Poems about Painful Experiences


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  1. I Feel So Lost

    Crying Out For Help

    I'm not sure when it started or why it is so strong.
    On the outside I seem happy. No one thinks anything's wrong.
    But on the inside I am dying, screaming for someone to see
    That the happy smile and carefree laugh is not the real me.

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    I am Olivia Albert-Putman. I am younger than most people think. I will not publicize my age, but I can share my story. I know what is like to feel pain. At this age I have felt more pain than...

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  3. Forget

    Poem About Wanting To Forget The Past

    I wish I could forget...
    Forget all the tears and pain,
    Forget all the hurt and shame,
    Forget all the things of my past,

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    I totally understand this poem!! I have a half brother who has a father who I really want to forget. He made me and my siblings hurt like crazy. I really want to forget the man who hurt us,...

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  4. You Love Her

    Poem About Wanting To Be With Ex


    I love you, but you love her.
    I still remember what we were.
    I still cherish what we used to be.
    I still remember when you loved me.

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    Thanks so much for this poem! This is a repeatedly tantalizing experience so frequently occurring to lovers in the world; you love someone who usually loves someone else and pays not much...

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  6. Crimson Blood And Poison Tears

    Rain, rain, go away,
    Because of you the pain will stay.
    Slit my throat, cut out my heart,
    Leave me here, tear it apart.

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    I'm happy to know that Rebecca helped you stop. I don't cut myself, but my best friend has before and still does when times are the worst. Since I met her she has opened my eyes to the...

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  7. The Girl That Nobody Knows

    • By Amanda R
    • Published: March 2013

    There is a girl that everyone knows
    Beautiful grin, no worries or woes
    Laugh is one you'll never forget
    She's living in her past debt

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    This poem touched my heart. I thought I was the one who feels this way. Thanks a lot.

  8. The Lies She Told

    • By Mika Wright
    • Published: December 2013
    Poem About Hiding Your Depression

    When she smiles and laughs,
    It no longer sounds hollow,
    For she has learned
    To mask her sorrow.

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    Goodbye, my sweet Lori. Wishing you were still alive and in our family, hearts, and homes. On September 25, 2018, Lori Denise Gonzales was called home to heaven by the dear Lord, leaving...

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  10. Empty Inside

    Description Of Despair

    I feel like I'm falling, dying inside.
    Wish I could tell you, wish in you I could confide.
    Tell you exactly how bad I feel,
    How reality fails to be real,

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  11. Breaking Down, Giving In, Giving Up

    • By Anonymous
    • Published: October 2012

    I've tried. Time and time again, I've tried.

    To not cut, to not be weak, to not fall into temptations.

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    This poem is so easy to relate to. Even though no one should have to relate to it. No one should have to feel this way - like suicide is the only option. I've been there myself. Thought that...

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  12. Nothing

    You Hurt Me Poem

    You say it's nothingĀ 
    But this isn't nothingĀ 
    Your actions tell me you are done
    But in my heart you are not gone

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    This touched me because I got hurt today. By this boy I really liked, and he just dropped me like a pencil. I can't believe this has happened. I am hurt.

  13. I Want To Be

    When He Chooses Someone Else Over You

    I waited a year for him
    And lost him in two days
    My fate looks so grim
    Cause now my heart is torn in so many ways

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    I grew up a girl but I always wanted to be a guy. My dad and step mom didn't like that so they kicked me out. I've been staying with my mom for years now, and i just don't know who I am anymore.

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