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Fun Poem For Kids About A Trip To The Zoo

This poem captures a child's experience of visiting the zoo with parents and being excited about the numerous things to see and do.

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A Day Out To Remember

© more by Samantha G. Faulkner

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017 with permission of the Author.

Today we're going to the zoo.
I'm psyched, I'm zinged, I'm Scooby Doo.
My shoes are on, my scarf, my hat.
I'm bouncing like an acrobat.
Come on Mum, come on Dad.
We'll get there late if traffic's bad.
We're on the road; it won't be long.
Mum says an hour; she must be wrong.
Right now to queue, which one? I'll pick it.
I'm desperate now to get that ticket.
Through the turnstile, up the slope,
And face to face with antelope!
The keeper leads along the path,
Which draws my gaze to a huge giraffe!
Whilst licking food from round its face
It locks its neck with a suitcase.
No wait, no case; why, that's a trunk,
But elephant poo's not what I stunk.
It comes from there - the mud and bog.
I spot the snout of one warthog
With bristly ears and curly tail
Snuffling food from a big green pail
Mum declares, "It's monkey time!
Let's snap them whilst they swing and climb."
Two small ones crouch besides the bars,
Bananas clutched like fat cigars.
Mum reads the guide and then she squeals.
"Let's buy some fish to feed the seals.
12 o'clock is feeding time.
Then they perform in pantomime."
I thought the zoo filled kids with glee,
But mum it seems is worse than me.
Dad likes the zoo but isn't fond
Of bags and coats so he plods along.
He likes the noise and even stench
But longs to find a comfy bench.
His luck is in; we find a seat
To root through what we've brought to eat.
Foil wrapped rolls and cans of pop,
Some chocolate from the local shop.
"Stop for breath; you're going to choke!"
"Come on Dad, there's lions to stroke."
"Love, listen close, and please stay calm.
If you stroke them they'll take your arm!"
"Okay Dad, if that's the case,
Instead I'll kiss a gator's face."
Mum takes the lead of all of us.
She wants to see the rhinoceros.
She lures me with a red balloon
Reminding me of one baboon
That pressed the glassed and firstly posed
And then turned round, his butt exposed.
But then it comes as no surprise
They don't make trousers in his size.
It's 5 o'clock and time for home.
I'm sad but tired so will not moan.
There are no gorillas back at mine,
But Gran smells close, so I'll be fine.


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