Goodbye Love Poem

I have never written any type of poetry whatsoever, so please go easy on me. This was to my love and soulmate. Obviously, things didn't work out. She still is and will always be my love.

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Sad Goodbye To A Girlfriend


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011 with permission of the Author.

I will always love you; this much is true.
How to do this, I haven't a clue.

So here it goes, the only way I know how
To put an end to our love, right here, right now.

We could have been so good together.
I thought this love would last forever.

We laughed, we cried, we played.
I wished this time could have always stayed,

The fun we had, the stories we shared
I thought that you would have always cared.

I fought, I cried to keep us alive,
To keep you from wanting to run and hide.

Alas, our love was not meant to be.
Because all I have now are my thoughts and me.

You made it clear; it's not me you want.
A Cowboy Trucker would be your haunt.

So goodbye my love, goodbye my soul.
My heart is now just as black as coal.

So I let you go, I say goodbye.
I say I love you with a tear in my eye.

I hope that someday you will wake up and see
There is nothing better than you and me.

Until that time, I will always be near,
Wishing and waiting for your love to be here.

At this point, I've done all I can do
To win your heart so that you love me too.


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