I'm Sorry Love Poem

Poem About A Second Chance

When you think it's over between you and a loved one, you may just need time apart. That time apart could be the best thing for you, your loved one, and your future together. Time was a healer for me. This is what it felt like after time.

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After Time


Published: September 2016

He looks at her like it's the first time.
Her smile, her laugh, her smell;
It's been a while.
Nervousness, butterflies,
He doesn't know what to do.
Walks up to her, holds her tight,
Feels like something new.

Staring into each other's eyes,
She feels the same, quite a surprise.
He holds her close, lips touch, almost.
He whispers, "I've missed you."
He won't let her go.

She feels safe, like this is right.
They both lean in.
It made their night.


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