Inspiring Poem for Kids

Lessons You Can Learn From Ants

I've written this poem for my eleven-year-old's school. An attempt at making children observe the nature around us and positively relate to the animal activities to make themselves better human beings.

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Ants At A Glance


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2020 with permission of the Author.

Here's a rant
About the tiny ant.

We see them parade in an orderly line,
A habit that sounds just fine.

Carrying weights heavier than them,
Showing us how hard work turns into beautiful gems.

They work as a team to get work done,
Making us believe that together we can even reach the sun.

The ants come out after a rain,
Teaching us survival and overcoming pain.

They're always fond of sugar and sweets,
Reminding us to cover food and be neat.

Sometimes they will give us a tiny prick,
Alerting us that violence is as bad as being sick.

Hard to believe this tiny creature
Is full of wisdom in miniature.


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