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Poem Templates PDF - Print And Try It Yourself

Do you want to write a poem, but you’re unsure where to start? Give these poetry templates a try. Based off some poems on the site, these templates will give you the structure you need and the inspiration you crave.

Poem Templates PDF

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Poetry Templates PDF for Beginners

Reading poems written by other people can inspire you to write similar ones. Maybe it's the theme that catches your attention. Maybe it's the structure. Maybe it's the humor. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to try your hand at following in the author's footsteps.

To give you a nudge, we have crafted templates that have been inspired by poems on this website. They can be used for classroom use or for your own personal writing endeavors. Search these poems and find something that speaks to you. Then click on the PDF link to print out a document that will help you frame a similar poem that has your own flare added to it.

It might help to have both the template and the completed poem side by side so you can refer back to how the author crafted the original. That might help if you get stuck.

Get those creative juices flowing, and try something new.

Five Poem Templates

1. That's Life

© Danny Joyce

This life is a wonderful gift .. accept it, embrace it.
It starts with a new day .. wake up and greet it.
Life is a challenge .. take it head on and meet it.
Full of opportunity .. use it, don't waste it.

This life is a mystery .. unfold it, solve it.
It starts with meaning .. wake up and understand it.
Life is a goal .. take it head on and achieve it.
Full of promise .. fulfill it but keep it.

This life is a tragedy .. face it, accept it.
It starts with pain .. wake up and help numb it.
Life is a struggle .. take it head on and fight it.
Full of sorrow .. sorry, just overcome it.

This life is precious .. hold it, treasure it,
It starts with hope .. wake up and feel it.
Life is a choice .. take it head on and make it.
Full of knowledge .. use it, don't abuse it.

This life is adventurous .. enjoy it, explore it.
It starts with a duty .. wake up and perform it.
Life is love .. take it full on and love it.
Full of beauty .. praise it and behold it.

That life is life .. live it, learn and grow
Life is good .. be good with all that you know.

Source: That's Life by Danny Joyce

Think about how you would describe life. What are the good and bad things we face in this world? What advice would you give someone to make the most of it? Brainstorm using these ideas, and then give this poem a try yourself.

Download PDF -Try It Yourself ("That's Life")

2. Just Like

© Katherine Ayala

Just like a glass
my heart is broken
Just like a star
you light up my life
Just like a rose
that blooms it's beauty
Just like the rain
that never stops crying
Just like another human being
you let go of me
Just like others
you broke my heart
Just like clouds
you are soft
Just like bullets
that you shot into my heart

Source: Just Like by Katherine Ayala

In this poem, the author compares her situation to various objects. Our experiences in life can be compared to objects. For example, if someone is bright and cheery, we might compare her to a ray of sunshine. If someone is mean, we might compare those words to the hiss of a snake.

This poem is all about using similes.

To create your own, think about a particular person or situation in life. It could be good or bad. Think about words that describe that event. Now, what objects could be used to describe those moments?

Download PDF -Try It Yourself ("Just Like")

3. Haiku Year

© Paul Holmes

Delightful display
Snowdrops bow their pure white heads
To the sun's glory.

Fresh green buds appear
Indicating spring will soon
Energize us all.

Lambs gambol in fields
Frisky with the joys of life
Bleating happily.

Bluebells stand so proud
Beneath trees so sparsely dressed
Fresh green leaves unfold.

Much awaited sound
Echoes heard amid dense trees
Cuckoo has arrived.

Parks and gardens burst
With sounds and vibrant colours
Perfect harmony.

Beaches become full
Of families having fun
In sand and big waves.

Ripe golden harvest
Burning sun in azure skies
Labours rewarded.

Swallows congregate
On telephone wires ready
To migrate down south.

Red and gold leaves fall,
Crunchy as cornflakes beneath
Feet on a crisp morn.

Frosty webs sparkle
In the early morning sun
Brightly bejeweled.

First few flakes of snow
Dust gardens like icing on
A chocolate cake.

Source: Haiku Year by Paul Holmes

To create your own "A Haiku Year," think of a way to describe each of the twelve months. For each month you will write a haiku, which is a 3 line poem that consists of 17 syllables.

  • Line 1: 5 syllables
  • Line 2: 7 syllables
  • Line 3: 5 syllables

Use these questions to help generate ideas:

  1. What important moment is celebrated each month?
  2. What is the season of that month?
  3. How would you describe nature each month?

Download PDF -Try It Yourself ("Haiku Year")

4. Four Words

© Sue Morton

falling deeper & deeper each day.
wondering what else I'll lose
and wondering if it'll go away.

It's something I sometimes feel.
that the pain I have inside
could not possibly be real.

Not something that disappears
despite what I wish for
I have never ending tears.

That's what I often do
I will never forgive myself.
My heart's permanently broken in two.

These four simple words
to describe my feelings inside.
wishing I could crawl into myself
to stay forever and hide.

There are days I wonder
if these feelings will go.
If it's possible for me
to not feel so low.

Source: Four Words by Sue Morton

While this poem included emotions that come from a terrible event, you could also describe how you feel when something great happens. First, think of 4 words that best describe your emotions in that moment. Then think about what is happening because of those emotions or why you're experiencing them. Once you have started brainstorming, write your own version of this poem.

Download PDF- Try It Yourself ("Four Words")

5. Our Mother Earth

© Shweta Banerjee

As I walk across the earth,
thousands of things I get to see.
Birds fly high, soaring higher,
and on the flowers I hear the buzz of bees.

The sun at the dawn, rises within the hills.
Mountains covered with snow,
shining like the crown of silver.
And the waves touching the cliffs.
The waterfall flowing down
the green-blue mountains.
Rivers forming a dream delta
before entering the sea.

And while walking on the beach at night,
I feel the cool and sweet smelling breeze.
The slashing sound still feels like
the sound of love and peace.
The moon over the sea,
shining like a ball of gold.
And in every step my eyes hold wonder.
I bend on my knee
to thank the mother earth,
And is the truth.
it's a great pleasure for me,
to live in this wonderland.

Source: Our Mother Earth by Shweta Banerjee

Download PDF -Try It Yourself ("Our Mother Earth")



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