Basic Poetic Techniques

Poetry Forms, Techniques & Structure

Poetry takes words, memories, feelings and perspectives and transforms them into an art form. If you have an interest in writing poetry, but aren't sure where to start, remember that much can be learned from reading poetry written by famous poets. Besides reading as much poetry as possible, there are also quite a few poetic techniques you should know to write poems that allow you to express yourself in an artful way. Studying said techniques will help you to make the leap between poetry student and poet.

Rhyming Patterns, Stanzas, 5 Senses and Adjectives in Poetry


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  1. Stanzas - Couplet, Tercet And Quatrain

    Stanzas - Couplet Examples, Tercet Examples And Quatrain Examples

    Just like other forms of writing, poetry needs to be organized. Stanzas provide a structure for that organization. Each stanza is made up of a varying number of lines, just like paragraphs are made up of sentences. Each line can be a phrase or com...

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  3. Rhyme Schemes And Patterns In Poetry

    While not all poems rhyme, some follow a certain rhyming scheme, adding to the rhythm of the poem. The last word of each line is what we look at when discussing a rhyme scheme.

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  4. Five Senses In Poetry

    Taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing.

    Your five senses help you take in information from the world around you. These senses are also a powerful tool to use when you're writing. They help convey a message to readers by providing a strong image in their heads.

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  6. Adjectives In Poetry

    Adjectives are a part of speech. They are words that describe a noun (person, place, or thing).

    Using adjectives gives a reader a clearer picture of what the author is trying to say.

    For example, take the sentence. "The rabbit...

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