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Remembering Fun Times Of Childhood

Looking back to many years now long passed and remembering the happy, innocent times we had when we were children, we were so lucky as we lived on a post war prefab estate with over 200 children almost all of the same age. We lived next to a large green belt area called Barn Hill. It was a child's playground heaven, consisting of lots of woods, open grassland areas, and a pond.

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Childhood Memories

Paul L. Kennedy © more by Paul L. Kennedy

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 with permission of the Author.

I was happy when I was a lad.
It wasn't all good, but it wasn't half bad.

We played with sticks we played with stones;
we built ourselves dens that we called homes.

We explored the woods, we climbed the trees,
and we played with marbles on our knees.

Conkers in season we threaded with string.
If your opponent missed, your knuckles would sting.

We built trolleys with old pram wheels.
We were often too busy to go home for our meals.

We made catapults, bows and arrows and spears,
quite often resulting in painful tears.

We scrumped apples, plums and pears;
of getting caught, we had no cares.

In fact, we were often caught, and our ears clipped,
no smart replies - we never lipped.

During the long school summer holidays when the sun shone bright,
we played outside from morning to night.

War games, tin can tommy, hide and seek,
Such fun we'd have, what havoc we'd wreak.

Raiding allotments, pinching what grew.
We'd get a good hiding if our parents knew.

Round blazing open fires on logs we would sit.
In the pitch-black night our faces it lit.

We'd have singsongs and tell tales of ghosts,
of things we had done, exaggerated boasts.

Now looking back, such a long time it seems.
Sometimes I wonder was it all in my dreams.

But then I remember all the things that I did
could only be done when I was a kid!



I didn’t realise what worldwide talent was out there until I stumbled on this very good website. I’ve always loved writing poetry and am inspired by some really mundane things in life and at other times very serious things and situations. Poetry can be funny and sad and can reflect the inner feelings of the poet and invoke those same emotions...

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