School Poem For Kids

Getting Up Mornings For School

My youngest grandson was always struggling to get up during week to catch the school bus, so I wrote him this poem to encourage him.

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Paul L. Kennedy © more by Paul L. Kennedy

Published: January 13, 2020

Oh, please let me have another half hour in bed.
It feels like the pillow is stuck to my head.

I'm cozy and I'm warm and my dreams are all nice.
I don't want to face a day of frost and of ice,

My eyes keep on closing, my brain's in a fuzz.
If I don't get up soon, I'll miss the school bus.

Why is the best sleep when it's time to arise?
I only wish now I could open my eyes.

I'm drifting again; the world's going dim;
it's the Land of Nod that I'm entering in.

Then suddenly I'm awake, with a start and a jump.
I say to myself you are a great chump.

School is no-go, at least for today.
Why is that so? Because it's Saturday-hooray.



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