Sad Poem about Love

I used to write in a journal. When I was hurt to the point I didn't wanna see anyone, I wrote this to some piano parts. I think it's very beautiful

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I do feel your pain. Love is easy for some, and for some it's hard.

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Dear Broken Heart


Published: October 2015

Dear broken heart, why can't you fix me?
And dear broken heart, are you still with me?
And when I lay my head down and
Think of the things that I'll never do,
Dear broken heart, know I'm thinking of you.
Dear restless past, I remembered you
And the way you make things wrong.
Do you want my tears to fall?
So I'm standing all alone,
All by myself, cold to the bone.
Do you still want me there, just to take the fall?
Dear broken heart, will you want me after all?
Dear desperate soul, are you still searching for the one?
The one who made me what I am,
The one who broke this heart and made me who I am,
Ripped from his hands.
And dear broken heart, this letter is for you.
I hope you get it in time.
And please dear broken heart, promise me you won't cry, cry ,cry.
Please don't cry for me.



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  • by Yada Satiantip
  • 1 year ago

I have a boyfriend who I loved so dearly. He was everything to me. He was my whole world. But when he moved to Sweden, he started calling me names like "bitch" and always took my jokes seriously. I still love him. Not long after that, it was New Year's when he thought it was the BEST time to break up with me. There, I can feel my world crashing down on me. He said that I'm annoying and that I'm changed, and he said nasty things about me. I really don't know what to do or even how to feel anymore. I have no emotions now. It's like a never ending pain that will sting forever.

  • by Fariya
  • 1 year ago

I do feel your pain. Love is easy for some, and for some it's hard.

  • by Dulcie
  • 1 year ago

I do feel your pain. Love is easy for some and for some it’s hard. Although I’m a loving woman, wife, and mother, I’m still not treated the way I deserve by my partner. It’s even so hard to hear from friends who know how my husband is saying to me to somehow stay happy and keep faith, and then I wish I hadn’t had such a life for someone to tell me how my husband is this way.

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