Broken Friendship Poem

Fighting With Friend

I wrote this poem because my ex best friend and I got into an argument about this boy she loves. We both went out with him, but he wants to go back with me. So she said a bunch of lies to me, and now I ask in this poem, "What happened"?

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What Happened To Us?


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

What happened to us?
We used to be cool
And now we don't even hang out around school

Where did the old days go?
Where we use to laugh and talk, joke around
Now we're never near each other on the ground

I feel like we fought over stupid stuff
And even though times get rough
We are supposed to be tough

Don't you feel like we created a wall?
In between us when we walk down the hall
I believe that it's not right
That we got in a fight

Worst of all we got in a fight over a boy
Who was like a used up toy
Why can't we understand that he broke our hearts
And then, one by one, tore us apart

And now he's buttering me up
Saying that he loves me, but do you think I am tough
Enough to say no
To the little boy who is a ho*

Now let me ask you a question
And maybe people have new suggestions
To what happen to us?


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