Broken Friendship Poems

Broken Friendship Poems

Poems about Leaving a Friendship

Friendship is one of the main things that makes life worthwhile. When you have a friend to confide in, suffering seems more bearable, and pleasures are more intense. Everything is better when you have a friend to share it with. When a friendship breaks, whether or not it is for the best, there is a degree of pain and mourning that an individual goes through. There were things that you may have done only with that person and you feel a void in your life. Take some time to let yourself mourn before moving on to other relationships.

27 Broken Friendship Poems on Loss, Betrayal, and Fighting

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  1. 1. Walk Away

    I watch you walk away from me,
    And the tears start to fall.
    I ask myself a million times,
    How did we lose it all?

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    I lived with my best friend, her husband, and their adorable daughter. I was there when she was pregnant and had the baby. I helped her with the baby, and everything seemed to be going well....

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  3. 2. A Friendship Lost

    • By Brenda J. Metz
    • Published: June 2007

    I remember the time not long ago
    When we laughed and shared it all.
    We were the very best of friends,
    Or at least that's what I thought.

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    I met Melissa in third grade. We became inseparable. We met our first real boyfriends on the beach the summer after freshman year. I soon broke up with mine because he was pressuring me to...

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  5. 3. First And Last

    • By Claire
    • Published: March 2010

    Today will be my last and today will be my first.
    The last time I get walked on by you,
    The first time I've moved so far from you.
    The last time I will wait for you to arrive,

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    I can totally relate to this. I had finally found my group of friends my freshman year of high school. Everything was going great and we couldn't have been happier. There was a...

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  6. 4. Abandon

    • By Georgie
    • Published: February 2016

    I looked up to you when times were bad.
    I looked up to you when I was sad.

    I always laughed when you were by my side,

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    This was really nice. I write poems as well. I showed my poem to my best friend, thinking she would be happy seeing those, but she was jealous. She copied my poems and she tells everyone that...

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  7. 5. Forgiveness

    • By Roberto Rigby
    • Published: February 2016

    What can I say about what I've done?
    I miss the laughs we shared, how we had fun.
    Now we don't talk; we're complete strangers.
    How did our problems become this major?

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    This poem hits me right in my heart. I had a wonderful friend, she is fantastic in every sense. In short time we got very close, love like close. But our love couldn't be. I one day had an...

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  8. 6. Just Like

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Just like a glass
    my heart is broken
    Just like a star
    you light up my life

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    I had a friend who meant a lot to me. Though our friendship was filled with one too many downs, I cared about her a lot, and I thought she did too. But as soon as we left school, she started...

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  9. 7. Shipwreck

    • By Devavrat Bishwa
    • Published: January 2017

    Like a gentle wave, you swayed against my ship.
    With a gentle breeze, you guided me forward.

    As the sun sank into the ocean,

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    This helped me get through a rough time, and it described everything so perfectly from the start all the way to the end. Thank you. It truly helped a lot.

  10. 8. A Broken Puzzle

    • By Jessica M. Ward
    • Published: June 2007

    When I found you,
    I found me.
    I was no longer alone;
    I was put together.

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    I have a best friend that I trust and rely on. She was the best friend and sister I have ever gotten. We were always really close, and people could see that. As time goes by, during semester...

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  11. 9. This Is Our End

    • By Jessica A. Phillipi
    • Published: November 2007

    You can stand there and smile; you can sit there and laugh,
    but you can't trick me; I know it's a mask.
    You're trying to lie to me and everyone else,
    but why is it that you're lying to yourself?

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    I wasn't looking for any kind of relationship. I was doing just fine on my own. My guard was up for a long time because of what had happened in the past. She pursued me. After a short time my...

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  12. 10. Failed Friendships

    • By Melanie S.
    • Published: March 2008

    Do you know what it feels like to be left behind?
    Losing everyone around you in such little time.

    I try not to worry since they're left in the past,

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    I had a group of friends that I started. There were at least 7 of us. We were all in the locker room, and my group said, "All the girls come here but not Jaydin," so my friend Alivia went and...

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  13. 11. Sunshine

    • By Kahlen
    • Published: May 2008

    Who would have thought we'd be best friends?
    Who would have known on you I could depend?
    Who could have seen it would end so fast?
    Now our strong bond remains in the past.

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    I guess I know how my old best friend feels now. He and I were best friends from the time I moved to his school 8th-grade year. He became my life support. He chastised me when I started to...

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  14. 12. You Think

    You think you're so good.
    Think you're so perfect in everything.
    You think you can control my mood.
    Please, you must be joking.

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    I loved this poem because it is very relatable, and I had a friend just like the poem. I even wrote a song about her, but now I hate her guts. I saw this, so I decided to send it to my...

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  15. 13. Broken Friendship

    We said it was forever - said we'd never part,
    I knew it was a line, but I still gave both of you my heart.

    Said you would stay, promised you could.

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    I had two best friends: Faith and Alexis. We all became a pact my seventh grade year. They both betrayed me but not at the same time. Faith and I fought because it turned out she was the one...

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  16. 14. The Universes Of Hurt

    • By Marthe
    • Published: November 2011

    I gave you happiness
    You accepted it
    I offered you care
    You embraced it

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    Exactly what has happened to me. He accepted me but never gave anything back in return. I think of him everyday but, he has always has been thinking about my other friend. I hadn't known and...

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  17. 15. The Pain Of Friendship

    • By Nicole
    • Published: July 2011

    You have been my best friend for the last couple years
    We stood together through the laughter and tears.
    Today the tears are not mutual; they are just in my eyes.
    I can't believe my best friend got caught up in these lies.

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    Thanks to the poet. This poem really spoke to me.
    My best friend is depressed and one night decided to tell people she was about to kill herself on twitter. I saw it an hour after it was...

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  18. 16. Accused

    • By Courtney
    • Published: December 2007

    It hurts to be accused
    of something you didn't do,
    It is like a kick in the head,
    Yet you wouldn't understand.

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    I had a best friend of 41 years and my parents have past on and she was the only loving, caring and supportive person left in my life. I want to a concert with a friend and I'm assuming that...

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  19. 17. We Were Always Meant To Be

    We believed we were always meant to be,
    But we're already falling apart, don't you see?
    How could things have gone so wrong?
    What if our time has come and gone?

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    I had two amazing best friends. But somehow I always got this feeling that I was the third wheel. That it would no longer matter if I wasn't there. Three months ago, that was proven correct....

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  20. 18. My Sometimes Best Friend

    • By Kaitlyn Kubat
    • Published: December 2011

    How can you know me
    When I barely know myself?
    How can you laugh with me
    When inside I am crying?

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    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of poetry. But, when I saw this poem, it really spoke to me. I used to have a best friend that I looked up to. That was until almost 3 years ago. It was just a...

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  21. 19. Trust

    • By Valencia
    • Published: May 2018

    What does it mean to you?
    It's a small five letter word,
    But it makes all the difference in the world.

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  22. 20. My Best And Worst Friend!

    • By Sarah Mccallister
    • Published: May 2008

    We said we would be friends till the end.
    You said you would always be my friend.
    You stabbed be in the back.
    Now what we had we can't get back.

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    Me and my friend had been friends for 11 years, we had such a connection we would see each other everyday as our mums were best friends. My best friends mum left her partner as he ended up...

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