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Preserving a friendship requires many skills. One of the most important of these is the ability to say I'm sorry. We all make mistakes. Hurting each other from time to time is inevitable, especially in a close friendship. Some people are incapable of apologizing, because they are unable to admit that they may have made a mistake. There is no way for a friendship to last without apologies. Saying I'm Sorry in a sincere and compassionate way will preserve your friendship and deepen the bond that you share.

Apology Poems


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  1. My Last Apology

    • By Manraj
    • Published: March 2011
    Apology Poem

    I am sorry that I hurt you were my best friend...
    I still can't believe that our friendship faced a tragic end...

    I owe you an apology...and I guess this is the right time......

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    I said some bad stuff to my best friend and it's been a month since we talked and now she hates me. This is exactly how I feel

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  3. Friendship Lost

    • By Emily Long
    • Published: April 2010

    My life was changed, turned, and twisted,
    when I knew our friendship no longer existed.
    I know I was wrong, I know I messed up,
    and that's why I'm sitting here typing this up....

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    My friend had passed away recently and this is actually what I feel thanks for getting it out for me

  4. Forgive Me?

    • By Lilly
    • Published: April 2015
    Apology After A Fight Poem


    No matter how much we fight,
    I'll always be by your side.
    We've been through too much
    To let what we have slide.

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    My best friend and I have been having many fights lately and I wrote her a whole page full of poems that I made up. I read this and it gave me some inspiration.

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  6. I'm Sorry But You're My Best Friend

    • By Elyse
    • Published: September 2007

    I am sorry for what I did.
    I forgive what you have done.
    The truth is I miss you.
    Remember all the laughs we have together?

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    this poem is really good, I have recently had an argument with a really close friend, and this made me realize that he is my bestest ever friend and that I miss him so very much. =[

  7. Can't Get You Out Of My Head

    • By Abs
    • Published: July 2007

    Once again I write to you
    The sun is shining the sky is blue
    And all I do is sit and think.....
    Only about you without a blink...

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    This poem has really touched me. I like it a lot I've hurt a lot of people and this is ALMOST perfect for telling them how sorry I truly am.

  8. Explanation To A Friend

    • By Melissa A. DeForge
    • Published: November 2007
    Begging For Forgiveness

    I look at you and smile, because I haven't seen you in a while.
    The distance is tearing us apart.
    But I can hold the memories in heart.
    I hate being this far away. ...

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    I absolutely love this poem, when I first read it I almost cried! It reminds me of my friend who turned her back on me, and it's exactly something I would say to apologize!!!! :D <3

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  10. I'm Sorry and I Still Love You

    • By Loranan
    • Published: March 2009

    I'm sorry friend
    I don't know what to do
    I try so hard
    to be a better person to you

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    I admire your determination. This poem touches my heart.

  11. So Precious And So Rare

    • By Jenny Clausen
    • Published: July 2008
    Poem To My Ex Boyfriend

    Your friendship is a gift
    Oh so precious and so rare
    Sometimes I take it for granted
    Sometimes I do despair

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    Thank you so much to the person who wrote this poem and to the website for publishing it. My best friend and I got in a HUGE fight and it seemed like it would never recover. We said very...

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  12. Don't Let Me Be Going

    • By Jenny L. Reece
    • Published: July 2007

    I don't quite know how,
    To write what I must,
    But on this one page,
    I'll write what I trust....

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    Well my best friend was treating me horribly so I suggested that we take a break from each other. So I texted her saying "I think we should take a break and just not talk or anything for a...

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  13. Family And Friends

    • By Joy Flake
    • Published: February 2006


    To all my family and friends,
    from whom I hear from
    now and then,
    Just wanted to say

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    This poem has really touched my heart. The words ring out in harmony of what a family and friend love is all about.

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